Google Maps returning to Apple Watch ‘in the future,’ Google says

“Google on Monday responded to revelations that the latest Google Maps update is stripped of all Apple Watch support, saying it expects to return compatibility with Apple’s wearable at some point in the future,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

Yesterday ” AppleInsider reported Google quietly removed support for Apple Watch in the latest iteration of Google Maps released last month. The app’s release notes did not convey the change to users, and Google remained mum on the subject until now,” Campbell reports. “‘We removed Apple Watch support from our latest iOS release, but expect to support it again in the future,’ a Google spokesperson told AppleInsider.”

“Amazon and eBay previously fielded titles for Apple’s wearable, but removed those assets in recent updates,” Campbell reports. “In most cases, the companies’ app revisions are weeks old and the removal of watchOS functionality went largely unnoticed. This suggests the respective watchOS app versions were not widely used.”

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MacDailyNews Take: A lot of companies’ app components for Apple Watch were a bit off base early on. It makes sense that, after they saw how Apple Watch is used, and after watchOS 3 changed so much, they’d want to rethink or retool their apps.

There are apps that, since inception, have worked and continue to work very well, such as:

Dark Sky: Although still a bit slow at times, it displays accurate temperature, a local precipitation/precipitation forecast down to the minute. It gives just the right amount of information for Apple Watch.

Fox News: A firm press on Apple Watch lets you quickly share a story, save it, or choose from among many sections (Latest News, Business, Tech, Science, Health, Travel, World, Opinion, Sports, etc.) The articles are short summaries and, when you find one of interest, you pull out your iPhone and swipe up to read the whole article, see photos, videos, etc.

BBC News: Works much the same as the Fox News app. Brief summaries, a simple firm press to choose from among Top News, My News, and Most Read, and pull out your iPhone and swipe up to read any full article of interest.

We could go on (Nike+ Run Club, Instagram/, MLB At Bat, Uber, The Calculator, etc.), besides Apple’s apps, of course (Messages is indispensable on Apple Watch, for just one example) there are a core core group of app makers that understand Apple Watch. They give you just the right amount of information, not too much and not too little, on your wrist.

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  1. I suppose you had to praise the Faux News app to placate all the idiot Republicans that read this site. Shame on you, though. There are other actual news apps with the same functionality, such as 360News.

    1. Hey, they said something nice about the BBC app.
      It’s not like we can expect MDN to say something nice about or something like that. Come on! 😉
      (Then again, they probably don’t have an Apple Watch app, anyway.)

    1. I hear that Apple Maps outside the US is generally less reliable/accurate than Google Maps. Probably change over time but till then Google Maps will continue to be used on iOS. Hard to make up for the synergy Google Maps has with their Waze acquisition.

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