Think Apple’s iPhone is expensive? Take a look at the price tags on Google’s slow Pixel and Pixel XL phones

“For years the Android fanboy argument has been that the iPhone is too expensive and that Android offers them a way to get a high-end smartphone for a fraction of the price,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for ZDNet.

MacDailyNews Take: Never mind the total lack of a coherent, usable, and secure ecosystem, of course.

“Google just destroyed that argument with the Pixel and the Pixel XL,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “Once you start wanting custom components, that’s when things start getting expensive, and your R&D bills really start to swell. Take something as simple as the sapphire lens covering the Touch ID sensor on the iPhone. That single thing required R&D, getting a supply chain figured out for the materials, cutting the lens, quality control, assembly and testing. And this is just for a single, inanimate, simple part.”

“Now, as an example specific to the Pixel, consider that new camera,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “Google spent a lot of money on that module.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Google’s Pixel phones are slow, overpriced, insecure, privacy-trampling iPhone-wannabes.

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  1. Are they plastic?

    Will all the critic’s go after them about supplier’s, slave labor, dangerous chemical’s, environmental concerns, how much the sale’s people are paid?

    I truly doubt it.

  2. The back of that Pixel phone is really freaking ugly. If you saw it without knowing it’s from Google you’d think it’s a really shitty Chinese knock-off. And that Suicide Blue color…just nasty.

  3. Google is likely trying to shed their ‘cheap/free offerings’ reputation. They’re not known for premium products or services. They do one thing well- search. So maybe they’re hoping that people will see their products as premium priced and assume it’s a premium product.

    1. For any price, the Pixel is still ANDROID.

      AKA cheap quality crap. At this point in time, no one has to justify that point. Android remains the single most dangerous operating system available. Infection, PWNing, botting are constantly looming, even if you stick with the Google Play store. The ONLY benefit I see here is that at least Google can push out timely Android security updates to the Pixoid, as opposed to all the OEM Android pushers.

  4. Might as well try it before you criticize, no?

    As apple shareholders, you may wish for the failure of competitors (though you should diversify your portfolio). But as consumers, shouldn’t we be hoping that a better product comes along?

    The best reason to root AGAINST a better device than iPhone is the closed Apple ecosystem, which I’ve complained about before. But that’s like praying your captor doesn’t get killed because you’ll starve to death.

    One thing that struck me was that the Pixel demo was done without a wired tether.
    A proper multi-platform videochat app (Duo) has promise.. especially after Apple reneged on their promise to make Facetime an open protocol.
    Quickcharge would be phenomenal.
    Google Assistant as demonstrated seems superior to Siri.

    Won’t know until you try it, but who’s to say it’s not a strong product, and why would that be a bad thing?

    1. I always champion the spirit of competition within any business niche. But in this case, the device is still ANDROID. See my post above for the ramifications of that fact. It means FAIL right out of the gate.

      From a competition point of view, that’s a shame.

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