Tim Cook: ‘I never dreamed of being the CEO of Apple’

“Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, has arguably one of the world’s most powerful jobs,” Catherine Clifford reports for CNBC. “He leads the most valuable company on Earth, with a market cap of more than $600 billion.”

“It’s perhaps surprising then to learn that he never expected to have that kind of influence,” Clifford reports. “‘I never dreamed of being the CEO of Apple… I never thought it possible,’ Cook said at the Utah Tech Tour last week. Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch moderated a conversation with Cook, which included questions from the audience.”

“Cook said he got ‘the call of a lifetime’ from Steve Jobs to be part of Apple in early 1998, and five minutes into his talk with the legendary tech leader, Cook said he was on board to join the company,” Clifford reports. “‘And it was the best decision I ever made,’ said Cook, who took over the role of CEO in 2011 when Jobs died from cancer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs chose very well.

Apple CEO Tim Cook touts encryption at Senator Orrin Hatch’s Utah Tech Tour – October 3, 2016


    1. That’s funny. You take a word like “activist” and (in your mind) turn it into a negative label. Most people are activists in some way…it just depends on your preferences and viewpoint.

      Our Founding Fathers were activists. Abraham Lincoln was an activist. Rosa Parks was an activist. Martin Luther King was an activist. Ghanaian was an activist. Many of these people were viewed highly unfavorably by some factions in their time. But history has elevated many of them to exalted status. You may wish to consider that you may be on e wrong side of history in this case (and others).

  1. I am thinking that those people who don’t like Tim Cook as leader of Apple would rather see pumpkin head leading the company. He’d at least figure out how to pay zero taxes.

  2. Apple stock is going nowhere. I’m not sure if Tim Cook is to blame but it’s likely the global economy. I just wish Apple would move away from their dependency on the iPhone. Nothing else Apple has is doing anything to attract investors. It annoys me to hear how those products Google introduced yesterday are going to drive Alphabet to $1000 a share and yet Apple stock won’t even go up a couple of dollars before crashing back down. Why does everything Apple tries to do end up biting loyal shareholders?

    1. It would be great if Apple would develop more blockbuster products like the iPhone. But is it really such a bad situation for Apple when the iPhone remains incredibly popular and brings in almost unimaginable profits? Think about your complaint…

    2. I’ve been following Apple stock since 1984, when I bought my first Mac (after having used Apple ][ computers for about six years). Let’s be honest: the stock market has NEVER understood Apple. The company doesn’t play by Wall Street’s rules. It doesn’t fudge its numbers to beat its projections by $0.01 every quarter. It doesn’t whisper numbers to analysts. It just reinvents the entire technology sector every couple of years. But they don’t teach how to value that in MBA school.

  3. Tim Cook has done a good job. The company has prospered, and their reputation is still about the best of any big corporation.

    There was justified FUD when he took over near the time Steve died, and it’s easy to forget that. Tim gets a lot of credit for keeping the company on track when Steve died.

    Tim also understands the threat to our privacy coming from Washington. If the NSA had their way, every computer would have a direct link to their computers, and everything we do would belong to them.

    Hope Tim hangs around for a few more years.

    1. It is impressive how inheriting a pile-o-cash and an iOS app store money printing machine does make anyone look like a competent CEO.

      Cook should resign to focus on his social events, because Apple is just another soulless corporation now.

  4. .. and I never dreamed that as a CEO you would decide to ignore your PRO base of customers that were what kept Apple afloat for many many years… Where’s the MacPro? Display? Software? Can we focus on that for 5 mins? Of maybe a FRACTION of your workforce can be allocated to that and steady release schedule for us users that CREATE the content YOU want to SELL?????? WAITING….. AND GETTING IMPATIENT…..

    1. I keep hearing these comments about being forgotten. But then I see comments from the same people that they don’t upgrade their machines that often. You can’t have it both ways. If your upgrade cycle is more than 3 years, the Pro machine sales will suffer. If they don’t sell what they deem enough, less love goes their way. Look at Xserve. They didn’t sell enough and they’re gone.

      1. Xserve was not made for the creative market. Apple’s PRO market is all about creativity. Audio, Video, Graphics, Photography – almost all those markets are ran exclusively on Macs. Most current Mac configurations are years behind the curve. For example, I am looking to purchase a new MacPro. $9,000! No USB3? No Thunderbolt3? USBC? Old Graphics and chip sets? Still high price?????? ALL of apples devices are about the creative market. Yet, without the tools (current tools), the creators struggle to keep up… THAT is my issue.

      2. self-fulfilling prophesy. Nobody will consider replacing hardware if what Apple offers as a replacement isn’t noticeably better.

        Regarding the Mac — Apple has had tons of opportunities to gain market share and attract new developers. Cook ignored them all. As Microsoft fell on its face with Vista and Win8, Apple didn’t even roll out a Mac ad explaining to potential users that switching could be easy. Apple didn’t roll out any impressive Mac promotions, and most years it completely missed offering new Macs for back-to-school and for xmas. Apple does not keep up with current tech on the Mac but it refuses to drop prices as its hardware falls behind. Today every Mac is uncompetitive on value by any objective hardware measure, and macOS hasn’t fundamentally improved for performance users since Snow Leopard either.

        If there was a way to manage the business worse, I haven’t ever seen it. Most of us old Mac users are convinced that Cook is actively trying to kill off the Mac by ignoring it.

  5. Apple is not a financial services company. It cares nothing about the stock price, nothing about the sycophant investors who add nothing to the company and nothing to this society whatsoever.

    Apple has and hopefully will only be about being a socially responsible and quality products company. Steve Jobs thumbed his nose at Wall Street. That should be the enduring culture

  6. Thank You Tim! Your brilliant leadership has made the power house that Apple is today and at the same time made me extremely wealthy. If I could give you extra billion dollar bonus I would.

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