Apple BoD member Al Gore to campaign for Hillary Clinton, hoping to mobilize young voters who think climate change is key issue

“Al Gore will start campaigning for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, according to individuals briefed on the plan, in an effort to mobilize young voters who see climate change as a key issue,” Juliet Eilperin reports for The Washington Post.

“The decision by Gore to plunge into the campaign during the final weeks shows the extent to which Democrats remain concerned that Clinton has yet to connect with many millennials, some of whom are backing third-party candidates this year,” Eilperin reports. “The former vice president, a climate activist, will speak about not just Clinton’s plan to address global warming, but also the idea that voting for an independent presidential candidate could deliver the White House to Republicans in the same way that Ralph Nader’s candidacy helped undermine his presidential bid in 2000.”

“He has stayed largely on the sidelines during the campaign,” Eilperin reports, “in part because the two politicians have been distant since the end of Bill Clinton’s time in office. Their relationship became strained for many reasons, including the fact that Gore distanced himself from the two-term president in the wake of his affair with Monica Lewinsky, and they competed for Democratic donors when they were both running for office in 2000.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Hopefully, over the next month, this won’t take away from the important work Gore does as a longtime member of Apple Inc.’s Board of Directors.

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    1. Unfortunately, Hillary is the pocket of her crony capitalist fracking industry, so despite her support of science about the climate change, she goes along with the worst abuser, which is fracking (the process makes leak a great amount of gases that are couple of orders of magnitude more potent in terms of greenhouse effect, comparing to CO2).

      So I do not understand how Gore is going to convince people who really care about the planet to vote for Clinton.

      1. In all fairness, Trump’s criminal opus is much broader and with significantly greater devastation, had he not been able to buy off prosecutors, he would have been in prison long, long ago.

        You (Americans) sure know how to pick your nominees for president… You are one short stone-throw away from Duterte (look him up if unsure who he is).

        1. Yeah because calling Rosie names and losing some cash in the 90s without paying tax is way worse than destabilising areas of the Middle East causing how many deaths?

  1. Getting desperate, huh? You have to be getting pretty desperate if you have to resort to trotting out the loser Algore.

    Real Americans don’t give a rat’s ass about Algore’s scheme to confiscate money from the wealthy nations to redistribute to the third world while lining his own pockets. Oh, sorry, “Climate Change.”

    I’m going to go outside now, start up my cars, and and leave them running in my driveway for a couple of hours with the heat on full blast and the windows rolled down in honor of Algore the Global Warming Fraudster trying to sell the kiddies on the Crooked Hillary Parkinsonian nightmare.

    Five Ways We Know Al Gore’s Been Running A Global Warming Racket, Investor’s Business Daily, 1/22/2016

            1. Luckily, there is the quote in question:

              “There’s already some really interesting work — not definitive, but powerful — showing that the droughts that happened in Syria contributed to the unrest and the Syrian civil war”

              How do you go from “Interesting, but not definitive” to “Global Warming Cause of Syrian War”???

              Boy, you guys really know how to stretch things when they don’t say what you want to hear.

            2. Predrag – “Boy, you guys really know how to stretch things when they don’t say what you want to hear.” Since this is a mac site, I’d like to put it down to the Steve Jobs reality distortion field. But these nutters only comment on political discussions on this site and never on anything to do with Apple products. So I don’t think that can be it.

            3. look, stupid, negro is a race…it is your mental illness that pretends that words do not have meanings and subscribes to “newspeak.” so get over it.

              “The sweltering summer of the Negro’s legitimate discontent will not pass until there is an invigorating autumn of freedom and equality.”
              – Martin Luther King, Jr., I Have a Dream

          1. Eugene, you know that the doctor and I have been trying to deal with your mental illness and this isn’t helping. Your orange faced funny haired troll doll isn’t a hero and you need to take these pills to regain your composure.

    1. Tim Cook calls Bill Clinton for “advice.”

      “In addition to fundraising for Clinton’s presidential bid, Cook has a personal relationship with Bill Clinton, he has said.

      In August, Cook told The Washington Post that he sought out Bill Clinton’s advice in 2013, just before he was set to testify in front of the U.S. Senate regarding corporate tax policy.

      “For the hearing [before the U.S. Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations about Apple’s tax practices in 2013], I’ve never testified in front of Congress before. So I called up [Goldman Sachs CEO] Lloyd Blankfein, because I looked back to say who’s done this before? I knew Lloyd and thought he’d be honest with me. I called up President Clinton,” Cook told the newspaper.

      “He knows a lot about the politics,” he said of Clinton. “I’d not met him through a political connection. I’d met him through the foundation.”

      “Make  great again…dump Tim Cook.”

      1. Hate to burst your Bubble, but Steve Jobs had Bill and Hillary Clinton as guests when their daughter was a student at Stanford.
        His widow attended the Democratic Convention and was seated with Chelsea.

        Kinda destroys the Republican revisionist meme about Jobs.

    2. You are so wrong, movie people know the truth and can help Hillary.

      As Leonard DiCaprio said “The scientific consensus is in and the argument is now over. If you do not believe in climate change, you do not believe in facts or in science or empirical truths and, therefore, in my humble opinion, should not be allowed to hold public office.”

      DiCaprio is right, the argument is over and we all must believe. As an actor, he pretended to be other people in movies, and has made lots of money in this business! THAT MAKES HIM RIGHT!!!

      Algore is also in the movie business. He pretends to know about weather. He acts like a modern day prophet predicting the future! Never mind that nothing has come to pass. Its more about believing!

      Movies = Global Warming = a vote for Hillary

      1. Wasn’t your god Reagan an actor? Or at least, allegedly. And what about that guy who talks to empty chairs?? Didn’t he make the occasional movie?
        Talk out of both sides of your mouth much?

    3. …”I’m going to go outside now, start up my cars, and and leave them running in my driveway for a couple of hours with the heat on full blast and the windows rolled down”

      I don’t care if you choke on your own exhaust but you should move to Mars and leave normal, compassionate humans on Earth. The planet is becoming increasingly too small to accommodate such selfish, self-absorbed, arrogant asses.

  2. Gore = Biggest globalist shill. He should be kicked out of Apple. Cook is becoming a ludicrous SJW and goes to bed with China. Global worming is a fraud and distraction.

    1. Global “worming” may well be a fraud and distraction. But 99% of scientists agree that climate change is very real, made worse by human activity, and will have profound impacts on the human race.

      1. They’ve been going back and forth over 50 yrs on the planet is cooling, no it’s warming, no it’s cooling oh wait it’s actually warming again, oh we’re not exactly sure on gorebal warming so now lets just call it climate change. Climate change has existed since the beginning of the world, the climate is always changing and man has little to do with it, I’m sure we have a small percentage of an effect on the climate but not in the way the dems and media claim, their alarmist stance is such as a scam, because the dems and their shame stream media arm are really about two things – power and control. What better way to control people than to put some over reactive fear in them that how we live is causing this hysterical climate change non-sense.

      2. Joebloggs…yeah, I know. The sun has nothing to do with the ebb and flo of climate, nor temps. Man is pretty amazing…in fact, humans have been activated to stop Matthew from snooping around on the east coast of America tomorrow/Fri. Too bad people weren’t smart enough to prevent, or is it help, Greenland from loosing it’s green awhile back.

    2. Are you even listening to yourself? You call Gore a globalist shill and then claim that it’s not appropriate for the richest corporation on the planet to enlist the service of a statesman with a rolodex crammed full of contacts around the world.

      Would you rather that the apple board rely on high-ranking vanity fair socialites to ensure that Apple stop selling its products and services globally?

      1. Predrag, carbon offsets for AGW Crusaders are like “indulgences” for sinners. If that make sense to you, all I can say is “oh my.” Also, “just doing something” is about as logical. That phrase tickles the people on Capitol Hill and it’s bled “down” to the serfs.

  3. MDN take … “Hopefully, over the next month, this won’t take away from the important work Gore does as a longtime member of Apple Inc.’s Board of Directors.”


  4. As Leonard DiCaprio said “The scientific consensus is in and the argument is now over.”

    So, we have a scientific consensus, thus, that makes it a fact, on what is going to happen 10, 20, & 30 years from now. Yet mere speculation regarding the accurate path of Hurricane Matthew which is 1, 2 & 3 days from now.

    This is what I have been pondering.

    1. Yes, because weather and climate are two different things.

      BTW, the path of Hurricane Matthew HAS been accurately calculated, with increasingly lower probabilities the further out the forecast goes. This is called science.

      And no one is saying with absolute certainly what is going to happen in 10, 30 or 100 years. Virtually all scientists talk about a range of possible outcomes, based on certain conditions in their (admittedly imperfect) models. The “other side” runs around claiming nothing at all is happening, or that nothing seven billion people are doing to the planet is responsible for what is happening. Both are untenable positions.

    2. @ now now:

      If you can’t understand why it’s easier to predict a long term trend than it is to predict the next data points in a complex system, then you need to go back and open up a mathematics text. Sheeesh

  5. Years ago, hippie doofuses ran around, smoking dope and telling us that nuclear power was going to end the world as we know it. I wonder if it has dawned on those doofuses that nuclear power is carbon free?

    1. I think many of those doofuses are quite clear on that. Hardly any other energy source is environmentally as clean as nuclear. The main wrinkle there is the safety one. When something goes wrong there, we get Fukushima, Chenobyl, Indian Point… And the consequences are far-reaching and long-lasting.

      1. Also, no one has figured out what to do with the nuclear waste, which will remain deadly for tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of years. One of the many environmental disasters we aren’t willing or able to deal with…

  6. I have no use for Hillary Clinton but I do respect Al Gore who was robbed of the Presidency courtesy of the 5 Republican members of the SCOTUS.

    It amazes me how badly they hate Gore. He not only volunteered to go to Vietnam- he enlisted when he could have easily secured a Commission. He is a man of faith- complete with a Divinity Degree. He is an entrepreneur and has shown himself a successful businessman. He served us well as a Congressman, Senator and Vice-President. Finally, he joined the Apple Board at the personal invitation of Steve Jobs.

    As I remember, the primary critic of Gore is HS Diplomate Rush Limbaugh who got out of the draft because of a cyst on his ass- and the fact his dad and Grandfather were on the local draft board.

    Sandra Day O’Connor has publicly said that the US Supreme Court big footing in Florida’s Election on partisan lines was a mistake. Had the ruling of the Florida Supreme Court been followed Dubya would never have been President and we would all doubtless be better off. Also, the US Supremes kind of crushed the whole Republican state’s rights mantra they hug so tightly to these days by intervening in a state choosing their electors.

          1. Exactly!

            I am simply fascinated by the level of evangelical support for Trump. Do they have ANY Christian criteria at all??? Their candidate cheated (publicly) on his wife; then went through a very acrimonious divorce, then married the mistress (ten years younger than the ex-wife). Then did the same thing again. And again. There is not a Christian thought in the mind of Donald Trump.

            I am quite familiar with the standard explanation (can’t let Hillary change the Supremes), but not supporting someone is one thing, but making a moral tipple-summersault by supporting probably the most immoral and least Christian presidential candidate in the history of America, that I simply can’t figure out.

            And yet, they will all blindly vote for him next month. Fascinating.

            1. Don’t forget Trump’s attack dog Guiliani. I sort of admired the way he conducted business in NY’s dark hours. But a couple of months ago he actually said on national TV that there had been no terrorist attacks on the US before Obama. Amazing.
              But his personal life and morals are even worse. While married with kids he had an affair and then announced at a press conference that he was going to divorce his wife. He hadn’t even told her at that point. And before divorcing her and while she was still NY’s First Lady, he cancelled all her appointments, just to humiliate her. When his affairs were brought up recently (while he was attacking the Clintons) he said (again, on national TV) that he was a Catholic and that he’d confessed to his priest and received absolution. So it was ok.
              And you wonder why people hate politicians.

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