“I guess that check from Al Jazeera must have cleared, because Al Gore is in the news with another major score,” Igor Greenwald reports for Forbes. “Two weeks after pulling down a reported $100 million from the sale of Current TV to the Qatar-based news network, the man so many love to hate is at it again, this time by exercising options entitling him to buy 59,000 Apple shares for the excellent price of $7.475 each.”

“So Gore has just spent a little over $440,000 to acquire stock worth nearly $30 million as of Thursday’s close,” Greenwald reports. “And what did he do for all that money? Attended a board meeting a few times a year for the last decade. Had Steve Jobs’ back when it counted. That’s all. Not bad for someone who didn’t invent the Internet.”

Greenwald opines, “Guess what? He made his millions fair and square—which is to say as fairly as the next guy. He was brought onto Apple’s board by Steve Jobs—the man who gave Gore the options to buy the stock at its price at the time, the same man who then turned that piffle into a vast fortune. Gore was there for the run from $7 a share to $700 a share—in fact those options had to be exercised in March by the 10th anniversary of his arrival.”

“Gore didn’t just make the guy who boosted the share price a hundred-fold comfortable. He handled tricky assignments like investigating the backdating of executive options, so Jobs could concentrate on iThings,” Greenwald writes. “And while doing that he found the time to push global warming way up the political agenda, advise Google and join Kleiner Perkins as a venture capitalist. And, of course, to turn his little cable TV channel into a $100 million payday.

Greenwald writes, “So yeah, Al Gore knows something about capitalism… As a vice president, Gore was, well, a vice president. But as a businessman, he’s been nothing short of brilliant. I’m glad Silicon Valley rewarded that talent. And if you’re mad instead, you must be a socialist.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Slammed those puppies right into the lockbox, Al did.

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