1. Apple stock being pounded hard today, AND now AAPL shares are THE most shorted shares on the whole NASDAQ.

    Well done Tim. You’ve really earned the trust of Wall St. Investors believe you are leading the company towards a bright future.

    1. In fact, he is. But you are not.

      You should stick with half-baked products and please, if you happen to have some, sell your share and get over it!

      Meanwhile, if you can’t play the AAPL stock rollercoster well, I am ramping up to sell again soon, re-buy more at a lower price and look at it take 25%-30%. Its been like that for the last decade…

      Happy trading my friend. This is the new AAPL. Get over it!

    2. Some people love Apple and the Apple products. Then they buy shares and don’t give a rip about the product, on the shares.

      Apple’s priorities:
      1. Great Products
      2. Great organization to produce the products
      3. Share prices
      . . . in that order.

      Why do people feel that when share prices fluctuate, there is a need to change their product line, or spend more time politicking than producing great products. Apple is doing just fine.

  2. I noticed little things today. As I was adjusting my posdcasts play list the phone would vibrate or tick as an item slide from one order to the next.

    Also the phone will tick as the compas slides past North. These little things add to the augmented reality feedback, giving virtual items a more substantial feel.

    I like it. I said to my son, on his iPhone 6+, give it a try – nope, doesn’t do it. I will try on my wife’s 6S+.

    The Force Feedback is so nice.

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