Is this the new Apple TV?

“Apple develops generations of products concurrently, so when Apple TV 4 shipped it’s certain the company was already putting together Apple TV 5,” Jonny Evans writes for About Tech. “A recently published Federal Communications Commission (FCC) filing (originally seen by Consomac) may shed a little light on what to expect.”

“The FCC only regulates wireless communications in technology, the filing says nothing more about the product other than it has both Bluetooth and NFC (Wi-Fi isn’t mentioned). Apple doesn’t use NFC on Apple TV, though other entertainment boxes can provide NFC support. Common implementations let device owners pair speakers, handsets and/or make in-game purchases using NFC,” Evans writes. “The filing may be nothing to do with a new Apple TV, particularly in light of recent claims Apple is developing a Siri speaker system to rival Amazon Echo.”

Apple's U.S. FCC regulatory filing for a mysterious "model number A1844"
Apple’s U.S. FCC regulatory filing for a mysterious “model number A1844”

“If the Apple Amazon Echo claims are correct the connected product will let you listen to music and ask Siri for help, so you’ll be able to dictate a shopping list or ask for music to play while working in the kitchen,” Evans writes. “It doesn’t seem impossible for Apple to make such a device look like a miniature Apple TV, using the larger box as a hub. If the filing does turn out to be for an Apple TV then here are some ways NFC makes sense…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Originally, we made an educated guess that the FCC filing might be for an Apple TV stick, so we’ll stay with that for now.

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  1. Instead of the AppleTV chassis, I would hope Apple would use something more like the old Airport Express that could be directly plugged into an outlet, eschewing the need for another cord to be stretched across a counter top, or under furniture.

    I have a couple of friends that have Echos in their homes, and the biggest complaint is the cord. They have said it would be a much better product if it was battery powered / rechargeable. Go with the Airport Express chassis w/ rechargeable batteries and allow it to be directly plugged into an outlet while in use / charging.

  2. it is for the apple car. whenever you drive up to a bank teller, fast food chain, parking lot attendant, etc, you ll be able to pay with just a push of a button on your car dash

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