Samsung phone catches fire in mid-air aboard Singapore-Chennai IndiGo flight

“A major accident was averted when passengers on IndiGo 6E-054 flight from Singapore to Chennai noticed smoke in an overhead cabin and the fire was extinguished by the crew before it spread out,” The New Indian Express reports. “The source of the fire is said to a Samsung Note 2 device that was among the baggage in the overhead cabin. Nobody was injured and the plane landed without any issues at Chennai Airport. IndiGo confirmed the news and said all necessary procedures were followed and the situation had been brought under control.

“The crew quickly identified a small amount of smoke coming from the hat-rack of seat 23 C and immediately informed the Pilot-in-Command who further alerted the ATC of the situation on board. Taking precautionary measures, the cabin crew on priority relocated all passengers to other seats. They traced the smoke as being emitted from a Samsung Note 2 which was inside a passenger’s bag kept in the overhead bin,” The New Indian Express reports. “‘The crew discharged the fire extinguisher as per Standard Operating Procedures prescribed by the aircraft manufacturer, and quickly transferred the Samsung note 2 into a container filled with water in the lavatory,’ said a statement issued by IndiGo.”

MacDailyNews Take: Plop! Straight into the toilet where it belongs!

“This incident comes to light at a time when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been in the news for catching fire and exploding, which prompted Samsung to issue a recall of nearly 2.5 million Note 7 devices worldwide,” The New Indian Express reports. “Earlier, the Ministry of Civil Aviation had issued a public notice prohibiting the use of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 smartphone onboard aircraft. “The Ministry has advised airlines and travelling public not to turn on or charge the said mobile during flights,” a statement by the ministry said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Have a nice weekend, slavish copier! 🙂

Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charing an Apple iPhone (right)
Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charging an Apple iPhone (right)


Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)
Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)

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    1. Been boycotting Scamscum for many years now and have talked at least three people out of buying Samsung washer / dryer sets. Sure, it didn’t put much of a hit on Scamscum’s coffers, but it sure felt good!

  1. So, how long until desperate Samsung buys some iPhone 7 Plus units, rigs them up to catch fire, and plants them around the world?

    I wouldn’t put it past the thieving slimeballs. Of course, they’re so inept that they’ll get caught having done it and the lawsuits will kill them once and for all.

    (Brought to you by Carl’s Jr.)

  2. I wonder if any other planes that have gone missing in the recent years were from Samsung phones catching fire.

    I think they these phones have been burning up for a long time. It’s just now that people are reporting them. Almost the thing to do. Buried news in the past, now comes to the surface.

    1. Hm. Maybe the pilots of those missing planes owned Samsung phones. That’s something that could be checked by responsible news organisations, deploying their best investigative reporters, which are legion. Uh, wait…

    2. I think the important thing here is safety. Since it’s becoming increasingly difficult to figure with Samsung model will explode next, now is the time to institute a new FAA regulation requiring Samsung devices be turned over to crew for proper inflight monitoring.

  3. Clueless buyers: “I got mine for free with BOGO.”

    Buy one, get one free ought to be outlawed. Yeah, I know, free enterprise, etc.

    I’ld love to see the NTSB simply outlaw Samsung phones on trains and planes. Yeah, I know, I know …

  4. According to Samsung, 90% of Note 7 customers are opting to remain with the Note 7 and accepting the replacement devices. This claim was inconsistent with a recent independent survey, which states roughly 26% of Note 7 customers will now get an iPhone, instead of a Samsung replacement.

    Another recent article claims Chinese consumers are upset with Samsung because there was no recall of their devices and they now feel like second class citizens.

    In yet another recent development, it appears some Note 7 replacement phones are catching on fire, and now a different Samsung phone just smoked a PLANE!!!

    1. Obviously anything Samsung says can not be trusted

    2. Do analysts actually think consumers are going to buy another Samsung phone while there are constant stories about their phones going up in flames? This has been going on for weeks, and it doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon.

    Some observers claim Samsung customers will continue their religious support for Samsung because Samsung is just like Apple and if all these exploding battery issues and recalls occurred with Apple then Apple’s customers would remain with the iPhone. Really? Are you out of your fucking mind? Name one thing in the Samsung ecosystem that is sticky? They don’t own the OS, they don’t own the updates, they don’t own the largest Android app store, they don’t own mail, or music, or mail, or messages, or pictures, they don’t own shit.

    In the Apple ecosystem my iOS messages, events, reminders, phone calls, photos, notes, emails, music, videos, movies, documents, spreadsheets, games, apps, etc. appear on all kinds of Apple devices like computers, phones, tablets, watches, TV’s, cars, etc. The Apple ecosystem is seamless and sticky as a mofo. Plus, I get timely updates, and don’t have to constantly worry about someone stealing my financial info or identity.

    So, I’m suppose to believe that some unfortunate who owns a Samsung phone is going to say to themselves, “It has a chance to burn my baby’s hands off and take down a plane, but I’m so invested in their non-existent ecosystem and superb Android security that I think I’ll be forced to stick with the burning Samsung turd, instead of migrating to a real platform”? – yeah, OK. If you believe that then I’ve got some volcano property in Hawaii to sell you. It doesn’t burn… *smirk… I promise – 90% return for more fun.

    1. Have you ever been to an android site? At least mdn tells the truth, and criticizes apple when they screw up. The same cannot be said for places like android authority who were openly downplaying this recall and saying it was no big deal, but blow every tiny little apple thing way out of proportion and openly lie about Apple products on a daily basis. We may be biased here, but at least we’re honest.

      1. Boy are we ever honest. The faithful have been trashing Apple for a year and a half about Apple’s sluggard Mac updates, and far longer about Apple handing the UI keys to the fashionistas. In fact it has become fashionable amongst aficionados to denigrate Apple, and we do it with much more flair than trolls (who have largely thrown in the towel, concluding they’re no longer needed). Where we once reserved the middle finger for IBM or Microsoft, we now gesture at Apple leadership which we can demonstrate has fallen short of where it would otherwise have been. We are quite the subjunctive crew, we are. Android sites lack the tortured subtlety that Apple apologists practice.

      1. Actually, I don’t understand how airport security lets Samsung Note 7’s into the airport in the first place?
        Give them 7 months, that order will finally get through the red tape.

  5. I recently few on a Qantas flight and as part of the safety briefing passengers were warned to not use or recharge Samsung Note 7 devices on the plane and that they were subject to a recall due to a number of incidents where they have caught fire.
    I expect to see buckets full of water at boarding gates soon with instructions to deposit your Note 7 here before boarding.

  6. Attempting to put out an electrical / chemical fire by submerging it in water is really not something that I would want to become common practice. Lithium, for example, can generate heat and hydrogen gas when exposed to water. It may not be enough to ignite, but that’s what the electricity is for… so let’s use water to short out several connections while this is happening. Who had this brilliant idea?

    1. They just didn’t know and a bucket of water is the first thing they thought of. I would imagine a box with the proper chemicals and an airtight slot may get added to planes fairly quickly. Lithium is nasty stuff.

      1. If you want to be rich, come up with a shoebox sized device filled with
        *something* to extinguish or put out a lithium ion fire.

        Even if a Samsung phone catches on fire Samsung should still have to pay a steep royalty to Apple.

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