U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission issues formal recall of beleaguered Samsung’s exploding phones

“The Consumer Product Safety Commission on Thursday announced a formal recall of the Galaxy Note 7 phone, which has sparked fires and a global crisis for Samsung Electronics Co.,” John D. McKinnon reports for The Wall Street Journal.

“In a statement, the CPSC said consumers ‘should immediately stop using and power down the recalled Galaxy Note 7 devices,” McKinnon reports. “The agency said users can request a Galaxy Note 7 with a different battery, a refund or a replacement device.”

MacDailyNews Take: Time to get a real iPhone. Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

“Samsung already had been pursuing a global recall effort of its own, after reports surfaced of overheating and exploding batteries… But the company’s recall effort has been plagued by problems, including conflicting consumer information and communications troubles with regulators,” McKinnon reports. “According to the CPSC, Samsung has received 92 reports of the batteries overheating in the U.S., including 26 reports of burns and 55 reports of property damage, including fires in cars and a garage.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Finally!

If it’s not an iPhone, it’s an incendiary device for your pocket cobbled together by a South Korean dishwasher maker.

Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charing an Apple iPhone (right)
Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charging an Apple iPhone (right)


Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)
Garage charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a garage charging an Apple iPhone (right)

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  1. Oh, the schadenfreude is killing me. Hopefully no one will be killed by use of this copycat abomination. Of course, people gullible enough to buy Samsung products might well be Darwin Award candidates regardless.

  2. This is phenomenal. It’s just deserts for this thieving company, and may they have to recall all of their devices. The government should go one step further and issue a sales ban on all Samsung devices in the US. I don’t care if it’s overreaching in this case, get rid of this bullshr company and their bullshit products.

    1. History, jfblagden, history. Years ago, before Apple began its present resurgence and dominance, every pro-Microsoft “analyst” called Jobs’ company “beleaguered.” MDN has, rightly, an extremely long memory. And paybacks are a bitch.

    2. Because those of us who lived through Michael dell of all people telling us that we should “shut it down and give the money back to the shareholders” have long memeories and like twisting the knife because they deserve it. They lied about apple for almost 2 decades and we can finally put them in their place, so fuck them. There aren’t too many modern device manufactures that can’t claim they copied something from Apple, and that’s the whole point. These assholes deserve it. And those of us who have been here through the thick and thin wrelisch in their idiocy and destruction.

      Is revenge wrong? Maybe, but it’s certainly justified. So yes… BELEAGURED.

  3. The news is rapidly spreading…

    And I can already foresee a scenario on the subway / metro / bus / lightrail where someone is looking at their Samsung phone, and someone else yells: “Hey, that’s a Samsung phone, turn that thing off, before someone gets hurt”. And the situation escalates when the guy with the Samsung refuses (“This ain’t Galaxy 7, this is Galaxy Grand Prime (!??), it’s all good”), and the other insists, “It’s a Galaxy phone, they explode, turn that off right now!”, and a brawl ensues…

    What a clusterfsck for Samsung…

    1. A well deserved explosive Pandora’s Box conundrum for SamSplode. This is not just a minor hit on their reputation. It will be long lasting as how could any Android user not look at a future Samsung phone and not suspiciously think something bad could happen, and in this case their life DOES depend on the right choice.

    2. Or at a restaurant and people start complaining about someone using a Samsung phone. To keep the peace many wait staff or managers will be forced to ask the clueless patrons to power off their bomb phones.

      Additionally, NBC news tonight proclaimed other Samsung phone models are having issues too. When making that statement they showed burning car video.

      Some hardcore Samsung fans might continue to still support Samsung, but these reports and images are probably convincing the general public to go with a safer choice, like iPhones.

  4. For reference, on the iPhone 7, Apple sourced its battery from Huizhou Desay Battery Co. We all know that company is as pure as driven snow, right everyone?

    Sad reality is that as technology is pushed, all companies make mistakes. Products made by the millions mean that a 0.01% chance of failure affects hundreds of people. So while we can all gloat about this happening to Samsung, I think circumspection is due. Lithium-ion battery recalls have happened to just about everyone who uses them — Toshiba, Panasonic, HP, Tesla, Boeing, and yes even Apple.

    Thank goodness most companies are quick to solve the problem, but as we all know, Samsung isn’t so proactive. We should thank big bad government. Maybe slow and disjointed, but you can’t say it isn’t necessary to stop the spread of substandard dangerous consumer products like this.

    Let’s hope Apple continues to remove Samsung from its supply chain and that the press reports more technical details.

    1. You bring up another good point. In the case of a disaster like this Apple would even address the issue much quicker and more effectively than SamSplode can. Going with Apple is like going with a rich uncle who lives nearby and is always available. Going with Scamsham is like going with a minimum wage third cousin twice removed who isn’t home much of the week, you barely know them and frankly they could give a rat’s ass about you.

  5. Omgosh MDN I almost fell out of my chair with your – ‘Time to get a real iPhone. Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.’

    I remember the first time I saw Animal House in the theater I was 13 when it originally released, it’s almost funnier now than it was way back, thanks MDN!

  6. If Samsung really cared about their customers safety, they would spend as much money informing us about the recall as they spent trying to convince us to buy their phones in the first place. (actually, they should spend more)

  7. This is where Apple starts to pull ahead in miniaturization and the competition flags…. expect this trend to increase as Samsung tries to cobble together a phone without owning the process top to bottom.

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