Beleaguered Samsung’s exploding Galaxy Note 7 destroys Florida man’s Jeep

“Just days after Samsung recalled its Galaxy Note 7 smartphones, a St. Petersburg man says he found out the hard way why the recall was issued in the first place,” Josh Cascio reports for FOX 13 News.

“Nathan Dornacher’s wife, Lydia said the family went to a yard sale Labor Day morning. While unloading a desk they bought for their daughter, Nathan left his Note 7 charging in the center console of his Jeep Grand Cherokee,” Cascio reports. “Lydia said they sent their 8-year-old daughter, with the family’s service dog, to get back in the vehicle because they were leaving to run more errands. But the dog knew something was wrong. Nathan looked out of the window and realized his Jeep was on fire. The phone had exploded and engulfed his Jeep in flames.”

“Nathan said his vehicle was a point of pride, telling FOX 13 News he had made many upgrades to the vehicle,” Cascio reports. “Now those upgrades are ashes and Nathan will have to find a new ride. Samsung recalled the smartphones in 10 countries last week, after 35 instances of Note 7s catching fire or exploding were confirmed.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Dude should’ve bought himself a real iPhone instead of a patent-infringing piece of exploding shit from a South Korean dishwasher maker. Then he’d still have his tricked-out Jeep.

Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charging an Apple iPhone (right)
Jeep charging a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (left) and a Jeep charging an Apple iPhone (right)

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  1. I feel really bad for this guy, and I’m glad the dog knew to get the fuck out of the car and no one was hurt.

    But seriously… Don’t buy Samsung garbage. Just don’t. Get a real iPhone.

  2. what’s even worse is that one of their big shipping companies, Hanjin, has gone bankrupt and is holding Samsung $38 million of Samsung goods hostage. guess they don’t know they have potentially explosive cargo. while it’s not that much inventory, shipping for Samsung is about to get more expensive for this holiday season as Apple has already booked out all the shipping inventory.

    1. I suspect that it was a ‘financial’ fire. The man was ‘shopping’ at yard sales and had a ‘service’ dog and his only pride in life was his ‘heavily upgraded’ (over insured) truck and he chose a Samsung phone on top of it all. Can you spell trailer trash?

  3. So…. Where’s all the outrage and click bait headlines? Where’s the “BatteryGate” viral thingy? Where are all the Android trolls and shills?

    Imagine if even ONE iPhone battery did this. Would be all over the world in a flash.

    1. They’re all over sites like Imgur EvilMilk, etc., etc., cracking wise about what a fail Apple, iPhone 7, and AirPods are, and how Apple users are such duped losers.

      They’re even more wretched and pathetic bunch than the old Windows lemmings.

    2. I know, hilarious isn’t it? SamSplode phones have become lethal weapons and the media mostly ignores it and it’s importance. While Apple would never hear the end of it for years to come from the media, Fandroid trolls and knuckleheads.

  4. Oh, karma, sweet karma. Sweetest when served cold 😉

    ”Supporting Hanjin’s Chapter 15 U.S. Bankruptcy Court petition, Samsung said in a court filing Tuesday that without an order protecting the shipping line against creditors, the vessels won’t be able to dock, causing the South Korean electronics maker losses that may “continue to escalate so long as the cargo aboard these ships remains unloaded.”

  5. Poll: What will Samsung to do with all the recalled phones?

    • Re-package as firestarters for camping
    • Donate to fire departments for training purposes
    • Rocket them into the sun
    • Stuff them into the Samsung quality testing team pants

  6. CNN Money is now reporting the FAA is warning passengers not to turn on or charge these Samsung phones on planes. They also are telling passengers not to stow them in checked baggage. Wow!

  7. Some thoughts on the new FAA restrictions and airline bans:

    Airline crews are typically very busy and don’t have the time to investigate if someone is using a Note 7, a Note 5, etc. My guess is the flight crew will be telling anyone using a Samsung phone to power it off and/or not charge it. I’m sure some passengers will be informing the crew that certain people could possibly have Samsung roulette bomb phones.

    Of course these actions will anger some of these Samsung customers, especially those that have long flights, or those that need to do business on their Samsung phones. There probably will be arguments and some of these Samsung phone bomb holders will either get kicked off flights or be subdued by flight marshals. Can you imagine traveling to a sales meeting and needing to brush up on some critical notes, but the flight attendant scolds you to power-off your portable bomb device? That’s a bad flight, and a lost sale.

  8. I wish I felt worse about this, but it’s so well deserved for this company. I echo the sentiment above of multiple lawsuits hitting them, and these will actually be legitimate instead of someone complaint about having 1gb less storage than they’re supposed too because they can’t divide by 8. Seriously I just read the FAA thing, and I hope it is pushed massively. I wonder what the reaction from the fan droid idiots will be if one of these takes down a plane….

    Don’t get me wrong, I still feel really bad for this guy and his family, but honestly he should stay up with the rest of us tonight and order a real phone. God damn Samsung deserves this so much. But media? Hello??? This phone burned down a guys house, blew up a car, and nearly killed a guy in a hotel room while setting it on fire. But I guess that’s not a problem, but a signal strength indicator incorrectly coded is the worst thing in the world? You watch, someone willl get a jet black iPhone, scratch it with a set of keys, and suddenly it’ll be a “scandal” and all kinds of other bullshit, scratchgate, etc… but a phone that literally blows up and destroys property and could kill you, which isn’t allowed on airplanes? Non issue. Fucking pricks. I hate this false equivalency nonsense, and blowing things that aren’t real problems completely out of proportion while ignoring real actual ones.

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