Apple has made notable progress in the enterprise

“Apple’s interest in the enterprise hasn’t always been obvious,” Matt Kapko writes for CIO. “And though the company changed its ways to some extent during the past few years, it still prefers to let its devices and services act as its entryway into enterprise. ”

“Many IT leaders would like to see Apple focus more on the business market, but they also understand the company may never act like a traditional enterprise vendor,” Kapko writes. “Apple’s business partnerships with Cisco, IBM and SAP are well-publicized, but those deals are the exception and not the norm, according to a set of CIOs and IT leaders who spoke with”

Kapko writes, “‘Apple is garnering more respect and consideration given their penetration of the market and willingness to integrate with other competing technology companies,’ says Brian Kelley, CIO of Portage County Ohio, in the state’s northeast region. ‘The most important behind-the-scenes move Apple has made for the enterprise is definitely involving increased compatibility with Microsoft and other application developers.'”

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Appel isn’t a “roadmap” company. Smart companies will have to learn to live with some element of surprise from Apple – and, in toto, they will profit from it.

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  1. When MS finally decided to modernize IE (using that term loosely), it threw enterprise into a panic. All those years of building applications around IE …and then trying to fix broken compatibility. That opened up people to alternatives..I’ve heard from our IT directors.

  2. Most if not all ‘enterprise’ companies are going to go with vendors who offer support contracts. Back in 2004, Apple had such a service and it worked well. But now, they have forsaken that for the consumer market, and left MS to fill the void (among other business vendors). A company with any sense will always have support contracts in place to mitigate downtime and therefore, lost business and revenue. That is the game with enterprise IT. It isn’t just about using ios and OSX, as we know they are superior systems to MS offerings, but if you cannot get timely support (within 1 hour) then you do not know how to manage your ‘enterprise’. Apple is not in that position anymore, and that is why most are still stuck with MS and its supported business apps, etc.

    1. True, but Apple fills a niche..meaning, limited to iOS and allowing a few Macs on the network for stuff that needs a Mac (I’m in the latter group). We aren’t talking about servers and Macs for everyone. iOS has a very strong presence in enterprise. Our facility, the largest employer in my not so small city, replaced pagers with iPhones, for example. The IT admins, engineers, even maintenance, all have iPads.

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