Apple, IBM and the digital transformation of everything

“IBM and Amica, the oldest US mutual automobile insurer, are this morning announcing a new Apple + IBM plan in which iPads and iPhones will be used to handle insurance claims,” Jonny Evan reports for Computerworld.

“The insurer is to use the IBM MobileFirst for iOS Claims Adjust app, one of over 100 industry-specific iOS apps Apple and IBM have developed together over the last two years,” Evan reports. “I spoke with Mahmoud Nagshineh, general manager, Apple partnership, IBM and Adam Kostecki, claims officer in Amica’s claims executive department to learn a little more.”

“‘Nearly two years ago, we partnered with Apple to change how people work. Today, with clients like Amica, that’s exactly what’s happening,’ said IBM’s Nagshineh,” Evan reports. “What does this mean for Apple? On the surface it would be easy to ignore Apple’s place in this, but doing so would be a mistake. Not only is the company putting solid investment into building out its enterprise offer by working in key partnerships, such as with IBM; but it is also consolidating its existing status as the most widely deployed mobile platform among enterprise users.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Another win for Apple + IBM!

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  1. This is why Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway invested in Apple inc., because he had insight into how IBM and their Watson analytics engine was going to drive millions of Apple inc. iOS devices into enterprises around the world!!

  2. Hmmm. There may not be anyone left at IBM to maintain that app. Rumor has it they are just now requiring whole divisions of work-at-homers to move back to the office cube. It’s probably prudent for them to ask Marissa Mayer how’d that work out for her.

  3. Too bad this article is so shallow and doesn’t expand on, or provide details of the developing process or products, or information on how small businesses can have access to the business appswithout having to commision custom development…

    The Apple/IBM joint venture has humongous potential even in small business too.

  4. Google is making moves in this space also.

    “Google’s quest to crack the enterprise market is now getting a major lift from an unexpected source: laptops.

    Built on its homegrown operating system, Google’s Chromebooks outsold Apple Macs in the first quarter and are gaining the trust of some big-spending clients. For evidence, talk to Chuck.

    Charles Schwab, the 45-year-old financial services company, has been replacing paper forms at roughly 250 branches and loading up on Chromebooks. Through a secure digital session, customers can open an account, add a family member or sign up to the firm’s automated investing service. All that data is automatically wiped off the computer after the client logs off.

    Schwab started with a rollout of about 1,000 Chromebooks early last year and has since doubled that number, said Ed Obuchowski, Schwab’s senior vice president of advisor technology solutions.

    This is just the start. Over time, Obuchowski says, the Google brand is quite likely to show up in a variety of other places inside Schwab.”

    Google may have a bit of an angle here. Apple can provide the hardware but requires others such as IBM and SAP to provide the apps. With this model, Google can provide both the hardware – Chromebooks – and the enterprise apps.

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