Apple may soon allow you to unlock your Mac with your Apple Watch

“Unlocking an iPhone via Touch ID in lieu of a passcode makes it much easier to maintain security while preserving convenience, and Touch ID’s ease of use has left many Mac users wondering when a similar feature might be introduced for Apple’s desktop and notebook machines,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors.

“There has been speculation Apple might introduce dedicated Touch ID fingerprint scanning hardware for the Mac, but as it turns out,” Clover reports, “Apple is working on a simpler way to allow a Touch ID to unlock a Mac, and it’s a feature that could be included in OS X 10.12.”

“Apple engineers are designing an auto unlock function that would allow an iPhone to unlock a Mac when in close proximity, alleviating the need to enter a password on a password-protected Mac,” Clover reports. “It’s also possible that a connection with an Apple Watch could be used to unlock the Mac even when an iPhone isn’t present, making the process even simpler.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yet another reason for Mac users to have Apple Watches on their wrists.

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  2. Apple has had since 2007 to implement smart Mac unlocking using an iPhone, with security options tied to the fingerprint reader Touch ID on all late model iPhones, or with NFC that Apple finally adopted when it rolled out Apple Pay. The Mac was just ignored, Cook fiddling away telling Mac users to just wait for his long slow pipeline.

    Meanwhile, other computer makers have offered fingerprint readers and NFC neatly integrated into their machines for many years. Logon and user switching can be instant, painless, and password free.

    What again is the definition of a laggard? Apple has gone from being an innovator into a no-show for so many user features that non-Apple users enjoy, it’s hard to keep count.

    The Apple Watch is not worth the money, and this ain’t no killer app that would justify its purchase for anyone.

      1. That is misleading… MacID is compatible with 2011 and newer Macs and iPhone 4S or newer.
        And if you have money to spend on an Apple Watch, chances are pretty good your other hardware is under six years old.

    1. I love MacID. It locks the Mac when I walk away (Bluetooth proximity) and when I sit down to use the Mac my watch taps me, and I’m presented with an “unlock Mac?” button. Don’t have to type in my password.

      This all seems superfluous unless you are accustomed to regular password changes, and might have to fumble in 1password for the latest password in use.

      1. MacID is very useful if you work in a modern “open concept” office, especially if you have to get up and walk around a lot. Having your Mac lock when you walk away and then be unlockable with a fingerprint scan on your phone or a tap on your watch when you return is very much a time saver.

  3. I have long thought that you should be able to wear your access to the internet, so that your mobile device – watch, phone, whatever – unlocks a kiosk that lets you sit down and use it with your preferences, data, and apps. Then you walk away and you don’t leave a trace for the next person.

  4. Yeap Maclock already does this plus has the ability to unlock more than one mac. Good stuff I was expecting it from Apple since they unveiled touch id!

    1. I’ve tried several of the iPhone lock/unlock APPs including Maclock – haven’t been happy with any of them.

      The problem admittedly is where my Mac sits in my Home Office – it’s on the second floor, against an interior wall that is pretty much right above the main walkway through the lower level of the house. No matter how small I make the BT recognition geo-fence for my Mac, I hear it unlock, then relock my Mac several times per hour while I am no where near my Mac. Just sitting in my Living Room is close enough for it to constantly unlock-lock-unlock-lock-unlock-lock all night long with Maclock set to a 1.5ft radius.

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