“The Apple Watch is gearing up to be Apple’s most successful product debut,” Hope King reports for CNNMoney. “Since the devices first went on sale in April, Apple has received 7 million orders in total and shipped 2.5 million watches so far, according to a Global Equities Research report, citing tracking methods used by app developers.”

“Apple is expected to deliver about 5 million Apple Watches by the end of the quarter, which is two times more than analysts expected, Trip Chowdhry, Managing Director of Global Equities Research, told CNNMoney,” King reports. “This would beat the company’s previous ‘new category’ [first quarter] debuts — the iPod [125,000 units], iPhone [1.1 million units], and iPad [3.3 million units]… Compared to these past product launches, there’s no doubt the Apple Watch would be Apple’s most successful device debut to date.”

“Demand for the watches is expected grow stronger as the year progresses as well, for two reasons,” King reports. “First, as more people receive their watches, they’re likely to influence other people to buy one. The second reason is Apple’s continued push into corporate sales…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s most successful product debut ever.

The Apple Watch is going to flop… The Apple Watch is Jonathan Ive’s Newton… Apple may have built out the watch to satisfy the urges of a designer who has become more obsessed with Bentleys and Rolexes than making attractive, functional technology that will actually make life better for the 99%… The Newton, Apple’s original, failed tablet, didn’t sell because tablet technology wasn’t polished, and we didn’t have the wireless networking infrastructure to make its experience particularly meaningful. Sound familiar? — Mark Wilson, March 2, 2015

Apple’s most successful product debut ever.

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