iPhone 6s poised to blow away all previous iPhone sales records

“During the company’s most recent April quarter, Apple sold 61 million iPhones, representing an astounding year-over-year increase of 40%. During the previous quarter — the always lucrative holiday quarter — Apple sold 74.5 million iPhones, representing a year-over-year increase of 46%,” Yoni Heisler reports for BGR. “So in just six months time, Apple managed to sell over 135 million iPhones. To put that figure into context, that’s about one iPhone sold for every 2.3 people in the United States.”

“The iPhone 5s is the most popular in-use iPhone model today with approximately 125 million users. Given that most users upgrade their devices every two years or so, Apple is arguably poised to have upwards 125 million iPhone 5s owners looking to upgrade over the next 12 months,” Heisler reports. “Once we add the number of iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4s, and iPhone 4 users into the equation, we see that there are 355 million iPhone users primed to upgrade to a new model once the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus hit store shelves.”

Heisler reports that Neil Cybart of Above Avalon writes, “Take into account Apple’s growing presence in China, and you can start to see how Apple can realistically sell more than 250 million iPhones in FY2016 (they are on track to sell 230 million in FY2015).”

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MacDailyNews Take: That close to half a billion iPhones sold in just 24 months!


  1. At this rate of growth, by the time the iPhone 30 comes out, most of the usable matter in the solar system will have been converted into iPhones.

    1. It appears Apple needs to get busy and develop warp drive so we can get to other star systems and replenish our resources. And who knows, they might even find a market bigger than China out there.

    2. Actually, by then they will simply be implanting the iPhone 30 in our brains- a simple chip, so it won’t require so many resources.

      To see what I’m talking about, check out the YouTube series H+

  2. Gawd, but I hope they’re starting to manufacture them right now. They’re gonna need the extra time if this report is anywhere near accurate!

  3. I’m fairly certain analysts are saying Apple has completely topped out in iPhone sales, but then again, they say that every quarter to scare off potential investors. With as many iPhones as Apple sells and consumers hold onto, they really need to develop some money-making services so the money keeps flowing even if sales don’t increase every quarter. I still don’t quite understand Wall Street’s concern about Apple’s growth. No market grows forever and Apple has a big as big as market as any company has when it comes to smartphones.

    I’m not sure how many loyal consumers have iPhones but I would think a high turnover every year to two years would continue to produce an awful lot of cash without huge growth.

    1. That’s exactly what Wall Street and many tech analysts don’t understand. When the first iPhone was announced, the analysts said Apple didn’t stand much of a chance in mobile, because the market was already saturated.

      They have said the same thing about the mobile market every year since. What they don’t seem to realize is that the mobile market can’t possibly ever be “saturated” if the devices get replaced every 2 years due to carrier incentives and subsidies, and have such a high turnover rate due to being lost, damaged, stolen, or worn out.

    1. Force Touch (FT) is the one compelling reason I WILL upgrade to a 128GB SG 6S Plus in September on day one of preorders.👀💥😃🚀🎉

      If you don’t have an WATCH yet, you may not understand why FT is the bomb.😜

        1. You’re overdue! That phone has been around since Steve Jobs was still alive. You’re still on the old, outdated, prehistoric, archaic, huge, irreversible, inefficient 30-pin charging cable. What an eye-sore that must be. 😁 j/k

          I have had and loved every iPhone model since the original. I love the iPhone 6 Plus, and am sure you will the 6S/7 Plus too, especially coming from a 4S.

          When you upgrade, be sure to call your local museum to let them know you have an actual iPhone 4S they may want to showcase.

          1. By creating such a good product Apple have prevented me from buying another phone until my current one becomes unusable. I have the iPhone 4, it does most things I need very well, although its a bit slower than it used to be. This has to be a record for me, never have I ever owned a phone which has lasted so long. This September my phone will be 5 years old!!!

  4. And I keeps saying it… If just 1-in-10 of those iPhone customers decides to be an Apple Watch “early adopter,” how many Apple Watches does Apple sell (or have a waiting list for) during its first full year of sales? 🙂 Current iPhone 5S owners can already get an Apple Watch, but they are even more likely to buy one at the same time as (or soon after) upgrading to a larger iPhone.

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