Analyst: Apple has already sold 7 million Apple Watches

“Has Apple sold 7 million units of its Apple Watch?” Tiernan Ray asks for Barron’s. “That’s the claim today by Trip Chowdhry of Global Equities Research, who writes that developers with whom he has spoken have a system of checking on Watch orders that has proven fairly reliable in past for Apple products.”

Ray reports, “Chowdhry writes that “demand for Apple Watch continues to get stronger,” ticking off a list of stats: ‘World-wide Apple Watch orders stand at over 7 Million units; of which, Apple has now shipped about 2.5 Million. Apple should easily ship more than 5 Million Apple Watches by June 30 ’2015. Apple Watch Applications from SAP, IBM, Oracle, and Zoho will be driving Apple Watches into the Enterprise. Apple is on track to deliver 40 million to 42 million Apple Watches at $575 ASP by end of CY2015; 2015 is shaping to become ‘Apple Watch Christmas.””

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Who knows? The idea of 2015 being an Apple Watch Christmas, however, is something we expect as well – providing Apple has their supply/demand in balance by late autumn, of course.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Rainy Day” and “Sarah” for the heads up.]


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  1. Learning to use mine right now. Battery life a complete non-issue, and the fitness “reminders” are wonderful. Making and receiving phone calls on my wrist astonishes everyone, techies and Luddites alike. (Paired iPhone in pocket at the time, of course.) Even with 5 beautiful Citizen watches in my watch case, I could not be happier with this device. Go APPL!

  2. I love my 42mm Black Sport Watch. Unlike my shiny old Seiko, I can always tell the time immediately and the Apple Watch is never wrong! PLUS: it does text messages, notifications, phone calls and other cool stuff! Awesome! They really got the software and hardware right!!

  3. This is good news. I was beginning to be concerned. If true they have really ramped up production.

    My Space Grey Sport has been upgraded from July delivery to Mid June, to June 9 to the 16th. Hope to get it next week or sooner!

  4. You want a good laugh.

    Wall Street has been praising Google for selling 17 million Chromecast devices in a year for about $35 a unit. Wall Street says it’s a huge success. Value=$595,000,000

    So far, Apple has sold 7 million AppleWatches in far less time for $350 and up per unit. I’m fairly certain Wall Street is not calling AppleWatch a huge success or any success for that matter.
    Value=$2,495,000,000 (minimum)

    What’s wrong with this picture? Again, Wall Street is only interested in unit sales volume and not revenue. The crooks are in charge of Wall Street.

  5. “So far, we haven’t had much information about how Android Wear is doing, but the analysts over at Canalys say that more than 720,000 Wear watches shipped in 2014. LG’s first G Watch and Samsung’s Gear Live were available at the end of June, so these numbers mean that all six extant Android Wear watches shipped around three-quarters of a million units in six months (and remember, a unit shipped isn’t necessarily a unit sold).” –

    Apple must really be doomed with only 10X as many sales in a month, right?

    1. Yeah. But, somehow, the shipment tracking stats companies are still predicting Apple will only have a minority position in the smartwatch category next year. They’re busy ginning up non-Apple items to throw into the category to deny Apple its leadership role in this new area.

      Fortunately, actual users pay more attention to word of mouth and seeing the product in use to make their decisions.

  6. Wait til teens and couples discover the magic of subtle, intimate TAPTICS communications! Like Apple Pay, Android/Google can’t easily replicate this experience. It’s going to be an Apple Watch (and to a lesser extent) drone, and GoPro Christmas!

  7. 40-42 million by the end of the calendar year… I like that prediction, and it’s easily doable IF Apple can produce 40 million Apple Watches during 2015. It’s in line with 50 million by the end of Apple Watch Year One (sold or on waiting list), which is my prediction based on 1-in-10 (10%) of compatible iPhone (5 or later) owners deciding to be Apple Watch “early adopters.”

  8. I think the article says 7 million orders and 2.5 million shipped.. That means 4.5 million people are still waiting… poor fella’s 🙂
    They will get bored after couple of months of use.. What will happen after 5 years of apple watch will be interesting?
    I agree that it is a beautiful design and but a smartwatch which needs charging every day is definitely not worth the trouble.

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