Wristly has published their first Apple Watch Customer Satisfaction results. Over the last week, the Wristly panel crossed the 1,100 subscribers mark and more than 800 completed this week’s survey.

With a high degree of confidence, Wristly states that the Apple Watch is doing extremely well on the key metric of customer satisfaction. This appears to be contrary to speculation from some tech and other pundits. Barely three months after launch, v1.0 of the Apple Watch has reached an amazingly high level of customer satisfaction. An astounding 66% are already “very satisfied / delighted” with Apple Watch and 31% of our panelists are “somewhat” satisfied with the Watch. Summing these two figures yields an Overall Customer Satisfaction rating of 97%.

Comparing Wristly’s customer satisfaction results for the Apple Watch with previous customer satisfaction results conducted by ChangeWave Research for the first generation versions of the iPhone and iPad, the results were very positive for the Apple Watch, as a 97% customer satisfaction rating places it ahead of both of these beloved Apple “v1.0” products. This is a very strong early indicator of Apple’s product execution for its first wearable product.

Lately, in the absence of any hard data from Apple, there has been a meme circulating (echoing is more like it) that the Watch might not be doing very well. This has been fueled, in part, by a study utilizing e-commerce data from U.S. digital receipts, but mostly by several industry pundits’ reports discussing personal observations of their Watch usage. To test this thesis, Wristly analyzed the satisfaction score by type of users in their panel.

Wristly found that 9% of their panel members work in tech and specifically have a job building or marketing mobile apps (“App Builders”) with another 34% classifying themselves as having different roles within the Tech industry (“Tech Insiders”) – the balance (also the majority at 53%) are comprised of everyday users of the Apple Watch (“Non Tech Users”). When Wristly analyzed this week’s customer satisfaction through the lens of this grouping, they found significant differences emerge in the degree of satisfaction for the Watch.

Wristly Apple Watch User Research, July 14-July 19, 2015

Wristly Apple Watch User Research, July 14-July 19, 2015

If looking at the “Satisfied” + “Very Satisfied” numbers for the “Non Tech Users,” the result is only bit higher than the other two cohorts. But looking specifically at the “Very Satisfied” category, the differences are staggering – 73% of “Non Tech Users” are delighted vs 63% for “Tech Insiders,” and only 43% for the ‘App Builders.” Wrislty is quite confident of this trend as it maps closely to the prior Net Promoter Score (“NPS”) research they conducted last month, where most claimed that the Watch was good, but only for certain types of early adopters. Today, we can see clearly that the mainstream consumers in our panel (and perhaps across the world?) are delighted with their Apple Watches.

More info via Wristly here.

MacDailyNews Take: So, “normal” people, the average Joe and Jane, in other words: the vast majority of consumers are delighted with their Apple Watches already. And this is even before watchOS 2 with native apps is delivered to their Apple Watches in a couple months!

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