“I was lucky enough to be included in the first group of folks outside of Apple to get an Apple Watch. I’ve been wearing the watch all day, every day since April 1st,” Ben Bajarin writes for Tech.pinions. “Since April 1st, I have deeply integrated the Apple Watch into my everyday life. I decided to run an experiment and see what a week would be like without the Watch after 85 days of living with it.”

“The first thing I noticed was my heightened awareness of where my iPhone was at all times,” Bajarin writes. “I was irritated by how often I’d get a buzz of a message, reply to it, put my phone down or in my pocket, get another buzz a minute or two later, reply, put my phone down, get a response a few minutes later, reply, put my phone back down, ad infinitum… Living without the Apple Watch for a week showed me how much I took this one experience for granted before the Apple Watch.”

“Interestingly, the same sentiment is noticed by other Apple Watch wearers,” Bajarin writes. “I’m working with a company doing research on existing Apple Watch owners called Wristly (if you have an Apple Watch please consider joining our panel) where 32% of respondents said they spend much less time on their iPhone and 58% indicated they use their iPhone somewhat less.”

Much more in the full article – recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: Going a week without our Apple Watches is unthinkable! We shudder at the thought of the time wasted. Going back to pre-AW days would be a nightmare. Thanks for subjecting yourself to that experiment, Ben!

You can have our Apple Watches when you pry them off our cold, dead wrists.

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