“The Apple Watch is designed for a division of labor. It provides information on your wrist, with a glance, that’s not as easy to access when the iPhone is on its charger in another room. This is the fundamental feature of the Apple Watch for me,” John Martellaro writes for The Mac Observer. “I have always wondered how others missed that idea in the months before shipments to users.”

Apple Watch Sport running Apple's Activity and Workout apps“I’ve had my steel/sapphire Apple Watch with the leather loop since May 14. My experience with the Apple Watch has been one of pleasant amazement,” Martellaro writes. “That’s because it keeps doing things for me that please me. The Apple Watch was clearly designed not as a geeky toy to amuse people but with a conscious effort to do things well on the wrist that need to be done.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll never give up our Apple Watches. We could never imagine going back 8 weeks ago to not having them on our wrists doing so many useful things for us all day long.


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