One month with my Apple Watch: Why I’m loving it

“The Apple Watch is designed for a division of labor. It provides information on your wrist, with a glance, that’s not as easy to access when the iPhone is on its charger in another room. This is the fundamental feature of the Apple Watch for me,” John Martellaro writes for The Mac Observer. “I have always wondered how others missed that idea in the months before shipments to users.”

Apple Watch Sport running Apple's Activity and Workout apps“I’ve had my steel/sapphire Apple Watch with the leather loop since May 14. My experience with the Apple Watch has been one of pleasant amazement,” Martellaro writes. “That’s because it keeps doing things for me that please me. The Apple Watch was clearly designed not as a geeky toy to amuse people but with a conscious effort to do things well on the wrist that need to be done.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We’ll never give up our Apple Watches. We could never imagine going back 8 weeks ago to not having them on our wrists doing so many useful things for us all day long.


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    1. You want to look edgy?

      1. Remove the magnet from an Apple Watch charger
      2. Apply a biofriendly polymer coating
      3. Implant it under the skin of your wrist
      4. Wear Apple Watch without a band
      5. Look edgy

  1. I’m finally using Reminders via Siri on the Apple Watch. I never used it on my iPhone’s or iPads. I unplugged my watch and iPhone from the chargers at 7:00 am. My watch has 51% power left and the iPhone 6 has 66% power. Not to bad for a busy day.

  2. People are confused with the Apple Watch, specifically because it is a device in search of a relevant purpose.

    But unfortunately it will NEVER come off for most as anything more than an irrelevant device without a particular function.

    The fundamental question any marketing person asks before trying to market a product is: “What purpose does the product serve?”

    Answer: In the case of the Apple Watch, a resounding NONE!

    Second question: “What’s the target market for this product?”

    Answer: Morons, douchebags, fanboys, and idiots (which are not mutually exclusive).

    Third question: “What is the competition?”

    Answer: There is no competition, because there is no wearables market, because wearables suck!

    Fourth question: “What differentiates this product from the competition?”

    About $200 to $16,800!

    Fifth and final question: “Is it cost effective to produce said product based on available market research?”

    That’s what we’re all waiting to find out.


    1. Poor pathetic little “orandy”. In all probability has no job, no life and definitely no friends. Comes here to spout off crap and amuse its’ empty mind. So sad.

      1. There are people who in their daily life are isolated, bullied, ridiculed, picked on or in other ways mistreated by their peers for whatever reason (being overweight, being too thin, being too short, being too tall…). These kinds of people have a lot of pent up frustration. Oftentimes, their only outlet is the web and online forums, where nobody can see them and they can get their little revenge against the society by pushing other people’s buttons. This is what orandy does. Let him be. It really isn’t his fault.

          1. …says the troll who has never even tried one. Let me tell you why I like mine:

            1. I have to be on-call all the time for work. I no longer have to carry my iPhone around the house with me as I move from room to room or go outside. With my watch around my wrist, I never miss a phone call, text or email (unless I want to).

            2. I can make my phone beep when I can’t find it with two taps. Takes 5 seconds. Used to take several minutes to go to my computer, wake it up, log in, go to, log in, click on Find My iPhone, wait for it to locate it, then click Play Sound.

            3. It automatically tracks my activity. As somebody who likes to work out and go to the gym, this is very useful and motivational.

            4. Paying for things by waving your wrist in front of the terminal is cool and never ceases to amaze and delight the cashiers.

            5. Privacy. Thanks to the Taptic Engine, I never have to have my phone’s ringer on, ever. Even having your phone on vibrate lets the whole room know when you got a notification. With Apple Watch on my wrist, only I know.

            6. I no longer have to take my phone out of my pocket or go to find it when I hear it buzz or beep. I get all my notifications on my wrist, and I can easily dismiss the unimportant ones and take action on the ones I need to.

            7. It’s much more socially acceptable to glance at your watch while in conversation with others than it is to pull your phone out of your pocket, wake it up, unlock it and stare at it.

      1. @FutureMediathatforgotthepast

        America banned imported Africans from getting educated.

        The U.S.S.R banned citizens from reading any religious works.

        Nazi Germany first banned Jews from owning property and running businesses… until ultimately, from living.

        Good luck with that!

    1. I sometimes wear my watch through the night. I then charge the watch while shower and eating breakfast in the morning. As one of there person mentioned it charges very quickly (about an hour to full charge) so this works well.

  3. Tflint: Watch OS2 will bring us nightstand – put the watch on its side and it works like an old fashioned alarm clock, glowing time all night long.

    1. You have to touch the screen, side button or digital crown to see the display, according to Apple.

      Probably not a good idea to have the display on all night anyway.

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