1. “My concern is Apple becomes so diversified that Apple loses focus”

      Why do people bother wasting one nano-second of brain activity being concerned about things that Apple may or may not do? (Especially when it’s pretty much a certainty that it won’t happen… as if Apple doesn’t know what “focus” means.)

      1. Well, Sean, what Apple does or does not do affects consumer purchasing decisions, stock portfolios, and Apple valuation. You know, the kind of stuff people discuss here at MDN every day. Or haven’t you noticed?

  1. Apple should (and probably is) leak information to fuel rumors that it’s jumping into VR big time.

    Let others jump into the quagmire and eventually when the technology justifies a go to market strategy, enter in a way that only Apple can.

    1. Video Conferencing! I don’t care how big the screen is and how much you try to pan and scan, the video conference is not up close and personal. It’s sterile. Take videoconferencing up to the next level with VR and you will see a market evolve.

      1. How would video conferencing work if you and the other participants are all wearing VR headsets? You’d be able to turn your head to look at individual people, but all you would see is somebody wearing a headset.

        The great advantage of a video conference instead of a telephone conference is that you can see people’s faces and body language. If their eyes are covered up in a VR video conference, it seems pointless.

  2. Wow. All these Wanker comments. We did not need an iPhone before Apple invented it. I think we are being infested by non registered trolls.

    All ready to dump Apple in crapper cause you can’t remove the battery. (Remember how Apple would die cause you could not remove the battery. And now that is the standard. LOL.

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