Alphabet could overtake Apple as the world’s most valuable company, become first trillion-dollar company

“Alphabet is scheduled to report fourth-quarter results after the close of trading Monday, and the resulting stock action could vault its market cap over Apple’s,” Jessica Guynn reports for USA Today.

“The Google parent company (GOOGL) is expected to earn $8.09 a share — excluding certain expenses — in the quarter, according to S&P Capital IQ. Alphabet earned $6.88 a share a year ago,” Guynn reports. “Alphabet is expected to generate revenue of $20.76 billion, up from $18.1 billion a year ago, according to S&P Capital IQ. Alphabet for the first time will disclose revenue, operating income and other key metrics for its main Google business separately from its “other bets” going back to 2013.”

“SunTrust Robinson Humphrey analyst Robert Peck says he expects Alphabet to report ‘strong’ fourth-quarter results but says the results will be ‘overshadowed’ by investor focus on these “incremental disclosures,'” Guynn reports. “A year ago, Apple had a market cap of $643 billion, almost twice Google’s $361 billion. ‘With a combination of a) potential for accelerating revenue growth, b) sustained expense control, and c) a capital return to shareholders via a share repurchase program, we continue to state our view that Alphabet is positioned to be the first company on a U.S. listed exchange to be worth $1 trillion, although we expect it may take many years,’ BGC Financial analyst Colin Gillis wrote in a research report.”

UPDATE: 4:19pm ET: Alphabet Inc. surpasses Apple, now the world’s most valuable company

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: While “most valuable company” is a nice title to have, “maker of the best products and services” is really Apple’s goal, not to have the higher result of shares outstanding multiplied by share price. If losing this symbolic crown – to Google, no less – makes Apple redouble their efforts to delight customers with excellence, we welcome the coronation wholeheartedly.

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  1. If so, this happened on Tim Cook’s watch. The caretaker CEO failed. More concerned with promoting Liberal claptrap like “Gay Weddings” than with running the company properly.

    Tim Cook deserves his pink slip. It’ll match the one he wears every night.

    1. It is obvious that things at Apple have noticeably slipped over the past couple of years under Cook. Whether it be product launches with virtually no product available or releasing new hardware with key features withheld for several weeks or even months. He definitely needs to be sent a message at the next shareholder’s meeting to get his priorities straight.

    2. I’m sorry, but last I checked, Steve didn’t pick you to run the company. If Tim is awful, then it’s really Steve who’s awful for picking him.
      Steve led the company while many others were more valuable, does that mean he was a failure?
      WallStreet has always hated Apple. They love Google. That’s why Google might become the first Trillion dollar company.

      1. You are pathetic, Scott.

        If you could pull your head away from Cook’s package long enough, you could inhale some fresh air!


        1. Ha! That’s funny. I don’t build myself up by insulting others.
          Not a cheerleader for him, just saying neither of us was chosen by Steve to be the CEO. Tim was.
          I guess Steve didn’t have the “fresh air” since he picked TIm.

      2. Eric Schmidt’s revenge. He stabbed Steve in the back and now he’s happily sticking a knife into Apple’s value and twisting it hard. Apple no longer has an respectable mindshare. Apple has hundreds of billions of dollars lying unused in a heap or as some say, for a rainy day. Alphabet shareholders are dancing in the street as their company gob-smacks Apple senseless.

  2. Meanwhile their revenue is barely over Apple’s profit this quarter. Profit that will be more than a years worth from Google.

    Market cap just shows how under and overvalued these companies are.

  3. Who cares about most valuable company…is that Apple’s goal? Was it their goal when they made revolutionary products like the iMac, iPod and iPhone? They just need to make great stuff and let the baby have his bottle

    1. Apple fans have been crowing about the title for years, so clearly Apple fans cared. You can’t just suddenly dismiss it and act like it’s an irrelevant label now that Apple’s lost the title to a less deserving company.

  4. Alphabet has simply put Apple in its back pocket and walked away. Short-term Alphabet shareholders are more fortunate than short-term Apple shareholders. Apple doesn’t know how to sell itself to Wall Street to keep its value high. There’s nothing much left to say. Every dog has its day and today is Alphabet’s day.

  5. I really couldn’t care less about market cap and marketshare. I’m MUCH more concerned about mindshare, specifically the fact that SO MANY PEOPLE are either completely oblivious or they just don’t care about Google’s (and FB, etc) business model. They’re literally selling everyone (people) to advertisers in exchange for ‘free’ services. Clearly, I’m in the very small minority of people who are concerned about this (GMail has 1 Billion subscribers???). Google/Alphabet are on an unstoppable path to domination of the tech industry- it won’t be long before anyone who wants to make it in the tech world will have to kiss the ring on Eric Schmidt’s filthy hand. If you ask me, this is where having Steve Jobs at the helm would benefit Apple the most- he had a way of handling the Eric Schmidt’s of the world, and it usually benefited not only Apple, but us consumers as well.

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