Apple execs, former and current, including Phil Schiller and Scott Forstall, may testify in upcoming Samsung damages retrial

“Current and former Apple executives, including Phil Schiller, Greg Joswiak and Scott Forstall, are on a list of potential witnesses who could appear at the second Apple v. Samsung damages retrial set for March,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider.

“Apple and Samsung filed respective witness lists with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California on Friday in accordance with a case management order lodged last year,” Campbell reports. “In its filing, Apple expects to call VP of iPhone, iPod and iOS Product Marketing Greg Joswiak and VP of Procurement Tony Blevins to offer testimony at the upcoming retrial. On the ‘may call’ list is SVP of Worldwide Marketing Schiller, Senior Director of Industrial Design Christopher Stringer and VP and Chief IP Counsel Bruce Watrous.”

“Along with active employees, Apple might call on alums like former iOS chief Scott Forstall, Mac icon designer Susan Kare, Director of Patent Licensing and Strategy Boris Teksler and financial analyst Mark Buckley,” Campbell reports. “Judge Koh has set a trial date for March 28. The proceedings are scheduled to run eight days.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Even if you could call Steven P. Jobs to the stand, at this point will justice ever be served?

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      1. Doesn’t seem to help many of them except in all the wrong ways to justify bad decisions. It’s an authority easily abused, much like many law enforcement officers who never should have been granted that privilege.

  1. In today’s world, no one is five hurt because they made a mistake, no one is to be too rewarded for being way ahead of the curve. Frankly, American justice is as bad today as the country it revolted against was centuries ago.

    This whole case was disgusting, took too long, pointed out that the US just doesn’t give a shit about its own, hasn’t for decades. That’s why I left.

  2. Judge Koh has set a trial date…

    OMFG, all because Judge Koh managed to screw up the jury when she advised them about damages the first time. What the HELL is she doing running this trial AGAIN?!

    Maybe I should just look at this as a situation comedy and laugh and laugh. 😆 👶

  3. Well, let’s just hope Judge Judy Koh gets it right _this time_ !

    After enough advisements and reprimands from the Court of Appeals, and with any luck, I would imagine she must be honing her skills…

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