Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ honcho to leave the company; ‘Huge loss for Apple’ says Tony Fadell

“One of Apple’s top automobile gurus plans to leave the company,” Jonathan Vanian reports for Fortune.

“Apple vice president Steve Zadesky, who was in charge of Apple’s secretive electric car project Titan, gave notice that he will leave the company due to “personal reasons,” according to a Wall Street Journal report that cites unnamed sources,” Vanian reports. “Before joining Apple’s car initiative, Zadesky helped the company develop the first iPod music player and iPhone as well as numerous later iterations, according to his LinkedIn page. Prior to joining Apple in 1999, Zadesky was an engineer at the auto giant Ford.”

“Nest CEO Tony Fadell chimed in on Zadesky’s upcoming departure via Twitter, calling it a ‘huge loss for Apple,'” Vanian reports. “Fadell was once a top Apple executive who helped develop the iPod.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our sources worry that Apple’s aggressive timelines for Project Titan, which may or may not have been a factor in some staffers’ departures, are now in even more jeopardy with Zadesky’s exit.

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  1. I wonder which phone ex Apple people use when they wind up at the evil Google.

    He says it was awesome to work on ALL the iPhones and if he actually did. Talk about tooting your own horn. Anyone know what phone Tony Fadell uses now he is at google?

    1. Glad Fadell lost the fight to Scott Forstall over using a version of OS X as the OS in the iPhone and iPad, instead of using the Pixo OS which was used in the iPod. Losing that fight led to Fadell leaving Apple.

  2. Hmm yeah there are speculations that Apple want something concrete no later than 2019 and that “titaners” – Zadesky included – saw that way too early.

    I really hope that Apple don’t rush this at the expense of top notch quality. I rather see Apple be a bit late to the party as long as it goes straight to number one or at least on par with Tesla in 2020

  3. never knew about Zadesky. As he’s an Apple VP he must be talented but being a ‘Ford Engineer in 1999’ does not make him an ‘automobile guru’ (or am I too ignorant of the auto world?)

    as for Tony Fadell, much appreciate his iPod etc work at Apple but he’s work at Google with Nest thermometers and now Google Glass has been less than stellar. Numerous Nest problems (but of course Fadell made a killing on selling the company to goog. But maybe that’s more of Google’s usual hardware dumbness — Goog bought Nest at the same price as Apple bought Beats but Nest had one third Beats revenue, and people said Beats was overpriced… — than Fadell genius… ).

    1. Fadell leapt at the outsized Google offer like a starving hyena. Plus, he must have known his new bosses would suggest ways to monetise the data they’d be collecting about Nest owners’ habits.

    1. FUD? That would imply that Tony Fadell is a tool of Google, and that he is trading on his past association with Zadesky at Apple to insinuate that Apple defectors are like rats leaving a sinking ship.

      Yes, that does have the earmarks of FUD, but it could also be simply an expression of personal and professional appreciation. Myself, I lean toward regarding any public tweet as de facto FUD, a self-interested way to snipe whilst appearing innocent.

      And as for Tonykins being a tool of Google, I am given to understand that’s a condition of employment there.

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