Daimler CEO says met with Apple in California for ‘concrete talks’

“Daimler Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche told German weekly Welt am Sonntag that a recent trip to Silicon Valley revealed that Apple and Google have made more progress on automotive projects than he had assumed,” Edward Taylor reports for Reuters.

“‘Our impression was that these companies can do more and know more than we had previously assumed. At the same time they have more respect for our achievements than we thought,’ Zetsche told the paper,” Taylor reports.

“Zetsche and a handful of senior managers met with around 70 companies in Silicon Valley, the paper said, without naming them,” Taylor reports. “‘There were concrete talks. I will not say anything about the content. It was not just about the fact that there is an innovative spirit in the Valley. We know that already. We wanted to see what drives it, and all the things that can be created from it,’ Zetsche told the paper, explaining that they had also looked at start-up firms.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Even though it’s to be expected, it’s good to see much mutual respect between Apple and Daimler.

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  1. Um, MDN, that’s a really misleading headline. No where in the story does it say who Daimler CEO met with and it certainly wasn’t just with Apple. Your headline makes it sound like Apple and Daimler have something going on together which most likely isn’t true.

  2. I purchased a dodge grand caravan & it only last 70,000 mile before it was done. Had everything replaced on it. Never again will I buy Chrysler, complete rust buckets, which is why Fiat bought them. Apple, be smart who you partner with, or you will have a flop on your hands.

    1. I bought a used 1997 Dodge Grand Caravan many years ago. It was truly a POS, but I managed to nurse it along for years until I gladly offered it up in the Cash for Clunkers program. It was the perfect fit for that program.

      Daimler has a long history of expensive and relatively high quality products. I do not know how much of that culture that Daimler has instilled in Chrysler, but I do not plan to ever buy another Chrysler/Dodge product, new or used. Ford vehicles might be worth considering if they would get rid of the Microsoft software. That is a no-go in my book. I have been exclusively Honda over the past 11 years and I have generally been pleased with their vehicles. I also liked my wife’s 1992 Toyota Camry – it was an awesome car to own and to maintain. But Toyota’s purchasing experience and crazy options packages pushed me towards Honda, and I will stay with Honda until someone gives me a reason to change.

      1. FYI December software update makes all Ford MyTouch vehicles Siri compatible from 2012 thru current model years. Have it in my 2014 Explorer, and it beats my wife’s 2015 PriusV hands-down. Rumor is new models in September will start having CarPlay.

  3. Still loving my 2015 Subaru Forester, fully loaded with CarPlay. Fortunately there are many quality vehicles out there these days to choose from. Wife just bought the 2016 Mazda CX-5 and loves it too.

    Looking forward though to more affordable eco-friendly car solutions. Not to mention self-driving cars. At this point it seems obvious Apple’s first car will be self-driving knowing how they like to push the envelope on Version 1.

    1. Self-driving cars like most people imagine are going to be a fantasy for years to come. A handful of fatalities will dampen people’s enthusiasm. I don’t understand people’s fetish for this type of tech, if you’re going to be behind the wheel, I’d rather be in control. Also, Apple’s car will be anything but affordable. The base BMW i3 which may be the type of car Apple is going for is $43k, if it’s like a Tesla then $80k+, add an Apple logo and the sky is the limit.

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