How IBM helped Apple’s Mac sales last quarter

“Mac is Apple’s second most valuable business and accounted for 13% of its revenues,” Puneet Sikka writes for Market Realist. “In the last quarter, which was Apple’s fiscal 4Q15 quarter, Mac sales grew by a year-over-year (or YoY) rate of 3%. Comparatively, the overall PC industry fell by 11% YoY, according to the IDC.”

“Apple gave credit for Mac’s growth to the great customer response that it received for its new MacBook while MacBook Pro sales were also strong,” Sikka writes. “Another important factor that is helping Apple is IBM’s (IBM) rapid adoption of Mac for its employees.”

“IBM has already deployed 30,000 Macs and continues to add 1,900 more every week,” Sikka writes. “Apple claimed that IBM is saving $270 per Mac in support costs and residual value compared to a traditional PC. IBM’s Mac use bodes well for Apple in the enterprise PC market.”

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  1. Some of us well remember those naysayers, even on here, telling us how Macs are useless in the workplace blah, blah, blah they lack this, they lack that, they are just expensive toys. You know just like their offspring claim similar limitations for iPads. Nice to have been vindicated for daring to defend their worthyness in business, we have come a long way since.

  2. Apple gained about one point, but now I think the tide has really turned back the other direction. The economy is helpful. Paying an extra $500 for a computer in this environment — same piece of hardware — paying $500 more to get a logo on it? I think that’s a more challenging proposition for the average person than it used to be.

    1. You are joking, right?

      If not, a few points:
      – Apple doesn’t make dollar-store quality computers. For maybe 20 years comparisons have shown – if you compare similar abilities, Macs are similar in price and sometimes cheaper. So your $500 figure is nonsense.
      – If it’s your main business tool and a couple of hundred bucks bothers you, you’re in the wrong business.
      – Total cost of ownership is dramatically better with a Mac.
      – Total working time per year is dramatically better with a Mac. (because of time not being lost in inefficiency, maintenance, and fixing viruses.)

      And fer chrissake, those cheap computers are running WINBLOWS!

      Similar points if it’s simply your social/entertainment machine.

      For bikes, cameras, mechanic tools, kitchen knives, equipment for camping in serious weather — and computers — unless you are truly poor, buying “cheap” is usually the height of stupidity. I’d rather buy fewer things and buy decent quality when I do.

  3. I’m not feeling any real push into enterprise. If so, Apple should be specializing in software custom for business, Come up with an Apple Quickbooks accounting solution, to go with apple pay, etc, Come up with pro applications again, A real video editor,
    The best of the best, not summed down software,

    Come up with a business mac edition, specially prices.

    I buy a ton of Apple computers, and their sales people will see the business credit card and ask to be put into their business customer whatever it is, nobody knows.. Thing is,, nobody ever calls, and they offer nothing, no discounts, nothing.

    Fans of Apples ecosystem yes, use Apple computers in business, but the 13 % share blows.

    I’ve always wondered about kids taught to learn on Macs in schools, (is apple still doing that ) and then having to work on a PC once the get a real corporate job.. I feel like a fish out of water on a PC, Do they? They must.. meaning you’d hope businesses would cater to those students, They don’t so it may actually be a detriment to learn on a mac… if the job requires PC. Believe me, I hope not.

    Apple should have NEVER stopped those I’m a PC I’m a Mac commercials.. They worked.

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