New Microsoft ad features retail employees singing Christmas carol outside Apple Store Fifth Avenue

To celebrate the holidays, Microsoft employees, who were selected from across the country, gathered together, meeting each other for the first time, at Microsoft’s latest Apple Store knockoff on Fifth Avenue in New York City along with a large number of obviously planted “customers” (which we only claim because we’ve never seen a Microsoft Retail Store where employees didn’t outnumber patrons at least five to one (and that’s being very charitable, this being the holiday season and all)).

Joined by a local NYC children’s youth choir, who hopefully held out for a very sizable donation, the Microsofties proceed to harass, uh… share a message of peace and harmony with their neighbor and perpetual inspiration down the street.

No, they didn’t sing “Thanks For Opening Apple Stores, So We Could Copy Those, Too.”

Nope, not “Hey, Hey We’re Derivative Wannabes!”

No, they sang “Peace on Earth.” (In order to fully maximize the schmaltz, we assume.)

Afterwards, we assume the Microsoft staffers went downstairs to shop for real Christmas presents.

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: So very, very touching. (bites lip and pretends to dab eyes)

Oh, alright: Merry Christmas and Peace on Earth!

Just one question, why are Microsoft’s Apple Retail Store rejects dressed like Smurfs?

And, three words for whoever’s in charge of Microsoft’s companywide color picker:
Color blindness test.


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    1. For the record, I don’t think this qualifies as a Christmas Carol.

      It’s a nice spot, not pushing anything, just brand, and not even that very heavily. Are those Apple employees in red, or actors? Seems weird that they’d all come out to hear a choir, unless it’s a jointly-produced spot?

  1. It’s not harassment. It’s a choir looking for people to sing to. And since you won’t find any in the Microsoft Store, you go to the Apple Store where you know there will be lots of people. 😉

    Merry Christmas.

      1. I think it is brilliant PR…it’s a feel-good ad, and lets face it- people are talking about it. Its about the only way to make a microsoft ad interesting. Whether it translates into zune or surface whatever sales, who knows!

    1. It’s disingenuous at best. They show the Apple logo backwards. Look at us being so nice, sining in front of the Apple Store. It’s trolling Apple customers. Don’t even think it’s some kind of blissful generosity.

      It’s kindness with poison and spite.

  2. What a bunch of cold-hearted Apple fan-boys! Hey, its the Xmas season, if MS wants to air a commercial preaching harmony, let’s just accept it at face value. We can go back to fighting the battle with MS after Xmas.

    Hell, even the opposing armies in WW1 took a break from fighting, came out of their trenches, and shook hands at Xmas.

    1. Agreed. Frankly, this is a very “Apple-esque” ad (although Apple would have featured a MUCH cooler song). Just imagine at the height of the Mac vs. Windows era Apple employees singing Christmas Carols outside Microsoft headquarters, with just the simple word “harmony” on screen at the end. We’d all say how brilliant it was.

      To the people who think it was an “accident” to feature the Apple logo for a second, and then a longer shot of the Apple store plaza — that’s was the entire point of the ad.

    2. us old farts need to hand together. i’m an 85 mac guy. have more reason than just about anyone posting to hate MS, but from where apple stands today, there is no karma in still hating. apple is the tortoise that trounced the hare. we should all stand proud of apple’s accomplishments and the commercial is a fitting tribute to good winning over evil. merry christmas to all.

  3. The Microsoft employees aren’t very busy at their store, so they had plenty of time to practice and leave their store unattended while performing for a packed house at the Apple Store.

  4. wish the “mac guy” character was still around

    think it would be kinda funny to do cut paste ad using the microsoft xmas footage and show “mac guy” giving away iPads and apple tee-shirts to the “grateful microsoft singers” who would express gratitude for being given a web device that’s initiative and useful…

  5. With all the bad things going on in this world, it’s awesome to see what I take as a kind gesture, and spread peace between two companies employees!! I commend Microsoft and hope to see more positive acts in this world!!

  6. It seems to me that most people here failed to realise the point of this commercial (and its message). MS is trying to tell Apple: “Let there be peace on Earth” — in other words, let’s try to get along for a change. For those who saw the commercial to its end, you could see all those Apple employees (in holiday red t-shirts) shaking hands and hugging MS choir. In other words, it is a holiday season, so we have truce.

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