Pay Finders app for iPhone shows you where Apple Pay is accepted

You love Apple Pay, but where can you use it?

Pay Finders asked the same question and went about building the largest hand curated Apple Pay location map in the world. Pay Finders is an iPhone app that allows you to discover and explore merchants that accept Apple Pay.

The Pay Finders map was built by enthusiasts like you discovering new locations, thousands of merchant service sales people and from merchants that want you to know Apple Pay is always welcomed.

Your recommendations of new Apple Pay merchants makes Pay Finders the only live and continuously updated Apple Pay location map with you updating and rating the experience you had with an Apple Pay merchant.

Pay Finders app for Apple iPhone
Pay Finders app for Apple iPhone shows you where Apple Pay is accepted

– Discover and explore local merchants that accept Apple Pay
– Beautiful Apple Maps discovery system helps you find new places
– Get turn-by-turn Apple Map directions to Apple Pay merchants
– Rate your Apple Pay experiences and report if Apple Pay™ was working
– Share Apple Pay merchants you discover with your friends
– Build your personal Apple Pay merchant favorite lists
– Help find and add new Apple Pay locations to Pay Finders
– New Apple Pay locations updated by the minute

More info and download link via Apple’s App Store here.


  1. Yeah, I’d rather use an app showing me the places that makes money for Apple Pay merchants, than one showing me the places that paid google to extract intel from me.

  2. AutoZone purchase today
    Me: “How come I can’t use Apple Pay on your new card terminals?”
    Person: “Apple Pay has problems”
    Me: “How?”
    Person: “It has problems”
    Me: “What sort of problems?”
    Person: “It doesn’t work and has problems”
    Me: “How do you know it has problems?”
    Person: “People can steal it too easily”

    Tilting at windmills.
    Really? I wonder who tells the clerk Apple Pay has “problems” Auto Zone Corporate?

    1. Lot of mis information out there on Apple Pay.
      My niece this weekend.. Who has nothing but Apple products told me “Apple Pay is evil” because Apple stores the fingerprints of everyone that uses Touch ID….
      Wouldn’t listen to me when I told here that’s not true, her friends at college told her it’s true..
      Yet she asked me to fix a problem with her MS word on her Mac (“required” by her school..) i ask her why she’s so afraid of Apple and Touch ID.. Yet runs google chrome instead of safari.

  3. It says longs drugs and a lot of the local stores(cheap kind) accepts Apple Pay in the app.
    It’s funny because longs is owned by CVS and they don’t accept Apple Pay at any location.
    Plus theses local grocery stores barely accepts credit/debit cards what more for Apple Pay?
    It doesn’t say my local Walgreens accept it when in fact they are the only one that accepts it in my area besides
    McDonald’s ands subway.

  4. Found lots of errors nearby my location. Stores that I’ve historically known do not support Apple Pay, but continually show up in apps like this. Franchise Chevron locations, and even a taco shop that is cash only!

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