Analyst: Microsoft holiday sales a ‘non-event’ while Apple stood out

“In a recent report, Global Equities Research’s Trip Chowdhry took a look into Microsoft Corporation’s sales,” Javier Hasse reports for Benzinga. “Based on the stores the firm monitored, below are some observations.”

“According to the report, only ‘a handful of people’ bought Xboxes and laptops. Moreover, the analysts did not see people purchasing the Microsoft Band,” Hasse reports. “‘The Apple expert sales people, both at the traditional retailers as well as at Apple Store, highlighted the Apps that fit the users interest,’ he added. ‘For instance, if a customer defined himself/herself as a gamer, the salesperson would make emphasis on the game apps on iPad, iPhone and Apple TV; if someone was into fitness instead, the salesperson would highlight the fitness apps on Apple Watch, and Apple TV.'”

“Ultimately, it was the apps that differentiated Apple’s platform from the rest,” Hasse reports. “On the other hand, Microsoft was ‘almost a non-event at the stores we monitored,’ the report concluded.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: To witness beleaguered Microsoft stymied on the other side of the app divide makes this holiday season that much more heartwarming.

Concentrate on peddling iOS and Mac apps, Microsoft. It’s your only hope.


  1. The Microsoft Store is located across from the Apple Store in Baybrook Mall (Houston, TX). The Microsoft Store is colorful and brightly lit, but generally rather empty. For a company that makes relatively few products, their storefronts are all too obviously me-too copycat strategy. It is as if Microsoft is managed by four year olds (no offense to children intended).

  2. It’s the “app advantage.” Back when Apple was “beleaguered,” Microsoft had a crushing app advantage with Windows. Then, apps mattered less and less, because everyone started doing more and more things online, using a standard web browser and web sites. The Mac platform has several standard web browsers; Microsoft even provided the default one on Macs for a while. Native apps no longer mattered as much…

    And then they did again, starting with the second year of iPhone. Apple has the BIG app advantage on mobile platforms. Microsoft is “beleaguered.”

  3. I had never heard of the Microsoft Band and had to look it up. I did buy my wife a Fitbit Charge HR for Christmas, and might get one for myself if she likes hers.

    1. If you didn’t get her and Apple Watch, the next best thing to get her is a table saw. At least you might be able to borrow it from her to build a dog house to sleep in for the next six months.

      1. Neither she nor I have a need for an Apple Watch, and I know several people who have Fitbits who are perfectly happy with them. As far as I’m concerned, the AW already looks dated and out of fashion, and I think the Samsung Gear S2 is a much better looking watch with its’ round design. I like and use Apple products, but I still have the ability to pick things that are right for me.

        1. Apparently, you do have the “ability to pick” but I think that you put a high priority on your nose.

          If you like the Fitbit or the Gear S2 so much, why are you posting on this site?

  4. As I said yesterday, hundreds of millions of people have migrated into the Apple ecosystem these last few years. If these new Apple customers need a new system they are not going to purchase another Microsoft machine. Apple customers will purchase an Apple computer that seamlessly works with their iPhone and/or iPad.

    Anectodal evidence – I still have a few Microsoft computers, but barely use them. A few months ago I tried to do an image, but it failed. Now this tablet computer is completely worthless. My Dad has a computer with Windows 10 installed and a few weeks ago the Wndows virus scanner detected a virus, but failed to clean it. The system just hung, and this means his computer is worthless.

    Yesterday a report stated a myriad of users are having Windows 10 issues and there could be a class-action brewing. Microsoft and their partners have produced garbage for years, but recently for me and apparently for many others the problems are getting worse.

    The bottom line is a huge portion of the population has moved into the Apple ecosystem. We are satisfied with Apple products and will not purchase any Microsoft-based crap.

    1. “…myriad of users are having Windows 10 issues and there could be a class-action brewing.”

      No sympathy with that idea, at all. Use a crap system for 20 years, and THEN watch to sue for its crappiness! Sheesh!

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