Apple Watch models take top four spots on 10 most-wanted smartwatches list

“A new report from analytics firm Argus Insights puts the Apple Watch well ahead of its competitors heading into the all-important holiday season,” Evan Killham reports for Cult of Mac. “Four of the 10 most favorably reviewed smartwatches on the market are Apples. More surprisingly, however, is that price doesn’t seem to be a factor.”

“Apple Watch took the top four slots with the 38mm Apple Watch, 38mm Apple Watch Sport, 42mm Apple Watch, and 42mm Apple Watch Sport leading the list. Argus notes that these results suggest that cost doesn’t seem to affect people’s choices or preference, as the pricier Apple Watch beat out the thriftier Sport model for the top spot,” Killham reports. “But the smaller 38mm models did better than the 42mm versions, so that may not be entirely true. Of course, the difference between a Watch and a Sport model starts at $200, which is probably more convincing than the $50 between a 38mm face and a 42mm one.”

“The rest of the list includes Motorola’s 2nd-gen Moto 360, the Asus Zenwatch, LG’s G Watch, the Fitbit Surge, and the LG Watch Urbane,” Killham reports. “Interestingly, Samsung’s Gear line didn’t manage to crack the top 10.”

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MacDailyNews Take: There are only four truly smart Watches on that list.

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  1. Obviously a serious error on Apple’s part. Cook and Ive should be fire immediately and replaced by Michael Dell, for his incredible business acumen, and Donald Trump, for his amazing design sense.

  2. Keep in mind. All the ruckus about firing Cook and/or Ive is manufactured by the competition. When billions of dollars are at stake, companies like Scamscum will resort to every dirty, low handed action they can come up with.

    They hope that if they keep it up, they will sow the seeds of doubt and eventually succeed.

  3. It makes me happy to see that Samsung smart watch is not even in the top 10. It must hurt their ego a little bit that one of the few times they try to be somewhat original on a product design, instead of blatantly copying Apple, they flop.
    Boycott Samsung for life for previous lack of ethical behavior.

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