Porsche chooses Apple Car Play over Android Auto because of Google’s rampant data collection demands

“So much for ‘Do No Evil,'” Jonny Lieberman reports for Motor Trend. “There’s no technological reason the 991/2 doesn’t have Android Auto playing through its massively upgraded PCM system. But there is an ethical one.”

“As part of the agreement an automaker would have to enter with Google, certain pieces of data must be collected and mailed back to Mountain View, California,” Lieberman reports. “Stuff like vehicle speed, throttle position, coolant and oil temp, engine revs—basically Google wants a complete OBD2 dump whenever someone activates Android Auto. Not kosher, says Porsche.”

“Obviously, this is ‘off the record,’ but Porsche feels info like that is the secret sauce that makes its cars special,” Lieberman reports. “Moreover, giving such data to a multi-billion dollar corporation that’s actively building a car, well, that ain’t good, either. Apple, by way of stark contrast, only wants to know if the car is moving while Apple Play is in use. Makes you wonder about all the other OEMs who have agreed to Google’s requests/demands, no?”

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MacDailyNews Take: Android settlers can’t afford a Porsche anyway.

And, yes, thinking people should wonder about all the other automakers who have agreed to Google’s privacy-trampling demands.

Google’s going to rue the day they got greedy by deciding to try to work against Apple instead of with them.MacDailyNews, March 9, 2010

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[Attribution: MacRumors. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I would be interested to hear exactly how Google explains their insistence on collecting such a lot of data on the workings of the engine in return for supplying the operating system for the entertainment and navigation system of the car.

    Google seems to be intent on collecting absolutely any sort of data that it can about people and it certainly casts an immense degree of doubt on Google’s claims of it merely being an innocent mistake when they were caught using Google Mapping cars to snoop on people’s WiFi systems.

    1. I can imagine Google selling my driving habit since it will know my speed on any given road, it knows the speed limit, it knows how I accelerated (i.e. driving habit).

      I can imagine an email speeding Ticket based on Google’s data, change in my insurance cost despite my excellent driving history. The sad part is that this would be the least objectionable act that will happen once all that massive data is analyzed by big brother. Selling Ads would be the least worrying result.

      1. There is a way to avoid all speeding tickets: drive responsibly and follow the speed limits. Since I started doing that twenty some years ago, I haven’t had a speeding ticket nor a worry about police and I still get to leave the next stop light as soon as you do.

        1. If you don’t follow the flow of traffic, you cause other people to have accidents trying to pass you, while you just put along causing accidents and holding up traffic. Besides, you don’t do the speed limit. Your odometer is not perfect.

  2. Porsche is one of the Volkswagen group, and VW has been caught cheating with its emissions, maybe Porsche choosing apple over android to reduce people sentiment

    1. Seriously, just how many people who buy a Porsche 911 are also likely to choose to buy an Android phone, rather than an iPhone?

      I don’t think that this is anything to do with the emissions cheating scandal, that has happened too recently to be responsible for this change. I think it’s down to two factors –
      1) Understanding the tastes of their customers.
      2) Not wanting to give away commercially sensitive data.

    2. 2015/16 VW Touaregs with RMS-800 infotainment system has Google Maps 3G GSM and WiFi. So VW is supporting Goolge on their highest platform.

      Most VW drivers are iPhone users, anyway. Porsche, even more so.

      The decision of one maker vs another to decide what products to support are at the sole digression of each arm of the VW Auto Group. Apparently the decision to cheat is as well. I haven’t heard anything about Porsche being involved. They have nothing to compensate for.

  3. Great news!! I’ve been waiting for Car Play to land at Porsche. Hopefully, this can be upgraded into the newest PCM/CDR Plus systems. Can only make my Macan S even better!

  4. Odd, Porsche wants to hold the sort of data that would expose, say, emission test cheating very closely. No mention of a desire to keep their customers data away from Google.

    1. No, they want to keep competitors at bay – Porsche is famous for getting the absolute MOST of the least – they really don’t want to give the comp ANY ideas on how they do things – The emissions “scandal” is a red herring, no one was killed in any VW product, unlike the GM “SCANDAL” where ppl were actually killed. I challenge you to find a diesel engine that is ACTUALLY cleaner than a VW, in real world driving – you wont. The Gov’t emissions standards are a scandal in and of themselves – nearly impossible to meet, and I would bet the EVERYONE is doing a little cheating to get past them. Bottom line, all new diesels are clean. The VW Group simply makes the worlds finest autos, I have owned over 10 (AUDI, VW, PORSCHE) in my lifetime, and have nothing but praise for them

      1. diesels are dirty, they are the android & samsung of the automotive world. Saying that, VW got caught with their pants down, however the other diesel makers are also in the fiddling game, just have been NOT been caught yet 😡

      2. Bull. If you think toxic gas emissions don’t kill people, on your next visit to Porsche, stop by Auschwitz and check out the facilities there. There was either a cheat code in the software or there wasn’t. The finest autos in the world don’t have to cheat and lie.

        Was I disappointed to hear about VW? You bet, but I won’t lie to myself about what really went on or about the deadly results of their actions. If they could not comply with the rules, they should not have pretended to do so.

  5. It still cracks me up why people must have Google for everything. OH because its free they say. Then I tell them how Google makes money and I get ” thats not true, the internets says all sorts of stuff about Google, but its not true” ! hahaha clueless people.

  6. Makes me wonder, does merely having Android Auto compatibility mean the info is being collected and shared? Much like how GM cars with Onstar, even if you don’t subscribe to it, is still sending info back to the company?

    If yes, this would mean that it’s not merely enough that you’re using CarPlay, you’d need to be driving a CarPlay vehicle that DOES NOT ALSO support Android Auto.

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