Beddit launches Apple Watch sleep tracking app

“Sleep tracking accessory maker Beddit is out with a new watchOS 2 app for Apple Watch today,” Zac Hall reports for 9to5Mac.

“Because Beddit offers a dedicated sensor for tracking your sleep duration and quality each night, Apple Watch is able to charge overnight as needed and still present sleep data in the morning,” Hall reports. “Thanks to hardware access granted to native software, Beddit’s watchOS 2 app lets Apple Watch double as a sleep tracker during the day for measuring naps and creating silent alarms.”

Hall reports, “Just as Beddit’s watchOS 2 app is hitting the App Store, Beddit’s Smart Sleep Tracker is coming to Apple Stores around the world.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: And, just like that, the last main reason left to get a Fitbit evaporates. Poof!


  1. This is the biggest reason why Steve Ballmer finally needs to get an apple watch and an itunes account, he needs all the help with is recent sleep loss. 🙂 😆

  2. I’d love an app like this and would even pay good money for it. But, I read the article and really don’t know of any of my adult friends that actually take naps. I see absolutely no usefulness in this app until we can figure out a way to charge the watch quickly before bedtime and then use it when we go to bed to track our actual sleep data, and not this so called fictional “nap time”.

    1. Or, you could charge your watch up before bed, wear it through the night, and top it off when you get up in the morning.

      I just woke from an eight hour night, with 81% remaining. My watch recharges at ~1%/minute, so in half an hour it will be ready for the normal day.

      1. I do it the other way around, charging in the morning after I wake. It takes less than an hour to go from around 30% to 96%. I’ve never seen the low power notice. I don’t understand why anybody complains about battery life. And I even use the exercise app to run around 4 miles a day (quite slowly).

  3. My experience with the Apple Watch suggests that sleep tracking can be performed with current sleep tracking apps, IF, the developers allowed the Watch to be used as a resource for tracking sleep. The Watch stays charged well through the night, when I go to bed my watch typically shows an average of 45-60% charge. A typical night’s usage is about 5-7%. So I wear my Watch to sleep, it is equipped with a microphone and all the sensors required to record motion, rising, tossing, snoring etc.. I use several sleep tracking apps alternately; Sleep Cycle, MotionX, or DreamZ. Enabling the tracking on my phone…. since neither of these developers has seen fit to offer a Watch app, and wearing my watch has taught me that we could eliminate the phone and use the Watch as the recording mechanism for all of these apps… Hey! there’s even the alarm function available on the watch…. DreamZ offers the ability to play music to lull to sleep, again! it’s in there! The Apple Watch that is. So it seems to me that so far developers are selling the current version of the Watch very, very short. HEY! DEVELOPERS! GET OFF YOUR COLLECTIVE BUTTS AND INNOVATE SOME USEFUL APPS! Quit with the stupid games, I didn’t invest this kind of money in order to play ridiculous, stupid games on a postage stamp monitor that sucks what little battery power I have. INNOVATE! APPLE CREATED THE PLATFORM!, YOU ARE supposed to create apps that make it come alive…. not tic tac toe games… GEESH!

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