Apple needs to fix its privacy issues, and fast

“Yesterday Apple announced it had acquired a small startup focused on artificial intelligence. While the purchase of Perceptio is hardly earth shattering news, it does shed some light on how Apple is trying to get around the tricky problem of making more personalized services without harvesting vast amounts of your data,” Matthew Hussey writes for TNW. “Perceptio was working on technology that would allow smartphone manufacturers to develop artificial intelligence systems that didn’t need to share your data with the cloud.”

“Google and Microsoft have made huge leaps forward in offering up timely information to their users via personal assistants such as Cortana and Google Now by doing just that,” Hussey writes. “Apple and its Siri equivalent on the other hand, has been hampered by the company’s reluctance to extract confidential information that lives on our phones.”

Hussey writes, “While many see that as a way for Apple to distance itself from tech companies that continually stray into murky waters when it comes to selling your data, it has put it at a commercial disadvantage.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We much prefer Apple’s method and we expect Apple’s Siri to get even better while continuing to respect customers’ privacy.

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  1. What commercial disadvantage? Apple sells every smartphone it makes, and captures 92 percent of the smartphone industry’s profits. More meaningless tripe from the media.

      1. As privacy becomes more and more important to people, this will put Apple at a distinct commercial advantage and Google and Microsoft at the disadvantage.

    1. This article is about 80% utter bullshit for the sake of wrecking Apple’s privacy priorities.

      The other 20%, which is solved by using encrypted data exchange across the Internet, is worth considering AND is entirely possible with current technology.

      Throwing in Apple buying Perceptio is irrelevant to the core point of providing locked down encrypted data exchange, which is how Apple is going to do it.

    1. Agreed. Google needs to fix THEIR privacy issues, and fast.

      What? Google doesn’t want to?
      Did Google just give the finger to their customers?
      er, I mean their resources?

    2. Yeah, the only way the title makes sense is if you think about it in the exact opposite sense. Siri could possibly give better results to your queries if Apple DIDN’T care about your privacy. Google and Microsoft don’t care, so they give slightly better results.

      But the title itself is total clickbait, because it effectively is arguing that Apple has fix their privacy policy by throwing it away.

  2. I don’t like the idea of my data being sold for commercial advantage and I think that Apple’s decision to refuse to exploit personal data will be a key differentiator when it comes to comparing phone operating systems.

    No other phone company can honestly claim to match Apple’s respect for customer privacy, but of course they will try to pretend that they do and will be caught out.

  3. The title of this article is very misleading. The author says Apple has privacy issues. This makes me think my privacy Isi in danger. What he is really saying is that Apple needs to lower their privacy standards and be more like Google. This is ridiculous.

    1. Agreed. Saw it and wondered “What privacy issues?”

      All I know is that on the iPhone, Siri may not be able to alert me that I promised to visit my sister tonight by reading all my texts and emails, but I know I don’t have a third party poring through my private and personal documents. Siri is quite capable of letting throw a commitment on the calendar or save a reminder when I want.

    1. The author might as well be the NSA. Part of the article is outright lunatic and detrimental to Apple. But digging past the outright garbage, there is the issue of SIRI communication of user data across the Internet for the sake of efficiency and productivity. And NO! Doing things the Microsoft and Google way are NOT required. Secure, locked down data exchange across the Internet is done all day long every day. Apple already knows how.

  4. 1) The state of AI (Artificial Intelligence) continues to be PRIMITIVE at best.
    2) Saying that Apple needs to fix its privacy issues and actually meaning Apple should CREATE privacy issues for its customer is SICK AND DEMENTED. To hell with that, DAMMIT!

    Yeah, let’s abuse customers, like Microsoft and Google, by surveilling every damned thing they say to their devices. I DON’T THINK SO.

    What would be useful, considering the actually sane part of this bizarro article would be for Apple to use locked down TLS (modern HTTPS) connections to SIRI servers that use full encryption with public key exchange. This is an extremely well established and unbreakable method of data exchange if carefully enacted. Apple knows how to do it. I expect this will be in Apple’s future for SIRI, much as it is for iMessage, etc.

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