Salesforce showcases 20 enterprise apps for revolutionary Apple Watch

“ has showcased third-party software that uses the Salesforce Wear developer platform and Salesforce clouds to get business information to wearers of the Apple Watch,” Paul Krill reports for InfoWorld.

“Twenty apps for Apple Watch were unveiled, including the BetterWorks Wear app, for connecting employees such as to update them on sales goals; ClickSoftware FieldExpert, for advanced scheduling; Bracket Labs’ TaskRay, for project management; and VLocity Wear, providing sales reps with customer profile data. NewVoiceMedia introduced ConnectWorld for Wearables, which integrates with Salesforce data to improve customer service,” Krill reports.

“The Salesforce Wear Developer pack features open source starter apps for designing and building wearable apps connecting to the Salesforce1 platform,” Krill reports. “iOS developers use Salesforce Wear Developer KIt for Apple Watch to leverage Apple’s WatchKit SDK and the Swift programming language to extend Salesforce Mobile SDK apps onto the watch.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Smart businesses who “arm” their employees with Apple Watch have an advantage over other businesses with less-prouctive, time-wasting, smartphone display-dependent workers.

Plus, it’s easy to justify it as a business expense!

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  1. That’s nothing new … everything with the name Apple on it is a huge expense and offers little to no value!

    Productivity? iOS has never been a true multi-tasking OS!

    iOS 9.0 will be the first true multi-tasking mobile OS from Apple.

    In contrast, Microsoft has always offered true multi-tasking on all their OS’s ever released since 1993.

    That’s tight, 1993!

    Which means that Apple is a full 22 years behind competition.

    I can’t imagine people buy their products!!!!!?????!!!!!

      1. Please tell me what they are?

        I’m totally lost as to why you would need a device which doesn’t let you do more than one thing at a time! And have to pay a fortune for it!!!!

        If I can’t do more than one thing with a device, I call that an appliance not a productivity tool!

        1. • Up through iOS 8, iPhone and iPad are “appliances”
          • But iOS 9 will offer “true multi-tasking”
          • After upgrading to iOS 9, iPhone and iPad become “productivity tools”
          • That makes them Toransufōmā, worth paying a bit more

  2. People quit buying Microsoft because they drop their product lines.

    1) Microsoft Money, sold about 4 million copies to Quicken’s 12 million. So let’s quit selling it.

    2) Microsoft Music, let’s close our store, sorry your music will no longer work because of DRM

    3) Windows Mobile, here’s our new phone, but wait. It will be obsolete with our new update.

    4) No artistry in design

    I can go on

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