MCX’s CurrentC may not launch until next year

“CurrentC, the payments app being created by a consortium of big retailers known as MCX, may not launch widely this year as originally planned, MCX CEO Brian Mooney told Re/code in an interview on Tuesday,” Jason Del Rey reports for Re/code.

“The company will begin a public pilot of its app in Columbus, Ohio in a few weeks and will not rush a wider rollout if the product is not ready, he said,” Del Rey reports. “CurrentC’s beta users can only pay using one of three options: a store’s private-label payment card, direct hookups with their checking accounts or gift cards.”

“MCX attracted a bunch of attention last year when two of its member merchants, CVS and Rite Aid, shut down support for Apple Pay after briefly accepting it as a payment option. On Tuesday, though, Rite Aid said it would start accepting Apple Pay later this month, and other MCX merchants such as Best Buy have announced plans to accept Apple Pay later this year,” Del Rey reports. “Still, Mooney said he believes CurrentC will be one of the “great competitors” in the space.”

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MacDailyNews Take: MCX CEO Brian Mooney is delusional.

Boycott CVS, Walmart, and any other company that willfully turns off NFC in a effort to block the vastly more secure, much more private, and far easier-to-use Apple Pay service.

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  1. “beta users can only pay using one of three options: a store’s private-label payment card, direct hookups with their checking accounts or gift cards.”

    Tell me why I would even bother with any of these? I can just as well pull out my every-day credit card, and WAS previously able to use Apple Pay w iPhone or Apple Watch. A “private label payment card”? “hookups with my checking account”? Please. Dream on.

  2. What idiots. They sign exclusivity agreements that last a set number of years, and then can’t get the stupid thing up and running before that time expires. Since it’s obvious the point of exclusivity was to get their system established, why wouldn’t they base the term of exclusivity on whenever they rollout + x number of months, rather than lifting it after so many years, whether it’s ready or not?

    Everything about CurrentC screams incompetence.


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