“In October, Apple released their NFC-powered payment platform, Apple Pay, and already, things are changing,” Anthony Jones reports for Business 2 Community. “The New York Times said that American consumers and how they pay are slowly changing due to Apple’s payment platform. Whole Foods recorded 150,000 iPhone transactions. NFC payments doubled at Walgreens these past several weeks, and at McDonald’s, Apple’s payment service ‘already accounts for 50 percent of its tap-to-pay total.'”

“The increasing numbers in just three weeks says that Apple may be on to something,” Jones reports. “An analyst describes the transition as a ‘slow-moving revolution.'”

Jones reports, “The Apple Watch, which is to be released in the spring, could increase the payment option even more. One of the many features the watch has is the use of your credit and debit cards without having to struggle to get the plastic card out.”

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