In only 3 weeks, Apple Pay is changing how consumers pay

“In October, Apple released their NFC-powered payment platform, Apple Pay, and already, things are changing,” Anthony Jones reports for Business 2 Community. “The New York Times said that American consumers and how they pay are slowly changing due to Apple’s payment platform. Whole Foods recorded 150,000 iPhone transactions. NFC payments doubled at Walgreens these past several weeks, and at McDonald’s, Apple’s payment service ‘already accounts for 50 percent of its tap-to-pay total.'”

“The increasing numbers in just three weeks says that Apple may be on to something,” Jones reports. “An analyst describes the transition as a ‘slow-moving revolution.'”

Jones reports, “The Apple Watch, which is to be released in the spring, could increase the payment option even more. One of the many features the watch has is the use of your credit and debit cards without having to struggle to get the plastic card out.”

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  1. ” One of the many features the watch has is the use of your credit and debit cards without having to struggle to get the plastic card out.”

    Struggle to get my card out? PLLLEEEAASSSSEEE. How lazy are you people? That said, I absolutely plan to buy an Apple Watch. But not because it’s a “struggle” to get my credit card out.

    1. Compared to many articles, this one is fairly low key. Sure, “struggle” may be a bit of a stretch for most people, although there have been times when my wife had to dig through her purse or I had trouble accessing my wallet. But the facts about the growth of Apple Pay are interesting.

      1. I often struggle to find the right card in my wallet or occasionally may leave it at home even. And since i started using my card as a swipe card its a real pain to use it any other way now, so it may not affect you but I can bet a fair percentage of those who boast similar sentiments many will change their mind upon use and many of us already recognise the reality of even extra seconds seeming painful in regular use.

    1. Well, I have never lost or compromised my credit card. That said, I am so totally looking forward to paying with an Apple Watch. Yes, it’s clearly more convenient. But I’ll say it again: I never “struggled” to get my credit card out of my wallet. I just think the article had too much hyperbole.

  2. Tried to use it at a relatively new NFC terminal in an Office Max but the transaction was erroring out just before it completed so obviously their support staff have yet to implement it fully. The check out lady said that others had tried it and it had yet to work for anyone. What’s wrong with these companies putting the pieces into place but don’t work?

    1. The way some people talk it’s as though Apple is taking forever to roll out Apple Pay in the first three weeks. Few people stop and think about Google Wallet and how little it had progressed after being around for THREE YEARS. When it comes to Apple there are always the sighs of disappointment of how Apple isn’t doing quite enough to make a discernible difference. Whatever. One company simply can’t change the way the world makes payments in such a short time. The speed of progression will take as long as Apple can get enough iPhones into consumers’ hands to overcome the retailer’s resistance to buying new payment terminals. I don’t know about the speed of payment being the selling point but the increased security should be the major selling point of using Apple Pay.

  3. i freakin’ LOVE ApplePay! The very first time I used it was on a soda vending machine. Held my iPhone up with finger on home button, the pay info was recognized and processed immediately, and the soda was on its way! Of course I wasn’t thrilled about paying $3 for a 20 oz Coke, but I had to try ApplePay!

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