Samsung offers downbeat outlook for year ahead of new Apple iPhones

“Samsung Electronics Co Ltd on Thursday offered a downbeat outlook for the second half of the year as smartphone market growth slows and ahead of the expected release of new iPhones from arch rival Apple,” Se Young Lee reports for Reuters.

“Samsung’s dominance is being chipped away at the low-to-mid end by Chinese rivals such as Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and in the premium segment by Apple, while some markets show signs of saturation,” Lee reports. “‘I don’t think there’s much to expect from Samsung in the third quarter,’ said fund manager Park Jung-hoon at HDC Asset Management.”

“Samsung’s mobile business booked a 38 percent decline in April-June operating profit,” Lee reports. “New iPhones in September would limit Samsung’s third-quarter sales growth, analysts said… Samsung shares were down 3.5 percent as of 0426 GMT, near their lowest since November 2014.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Arch rivals. Puleeze.

Apple’s owns 92% of smartphone industry’s profits.

It’s best not to mess with karma. — Steve Jobs

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  1. And just two years ago, Wall Street was betting on Samsung to put Apple out of the iPhone business. I guess things don’t always go according to plan. I honestly don’t know how Samsung manages to stay in the smartphone business because it’s becoming so much like how Nokia’s business turned near the end. Nokia couldn’t sell enough high-end phones to offset their losses at the low-end despite having high market share. With Huawei and Xiaomi nipping at Samsung’s low-end smartphones, it’s inevitable Samsung will be getting hurt financially. Apple will simply have to keep the pressure on Samsung’s flagship models and that will be enough. It won’t matter how many features Samsung adds to those Galaxy S models, it not going to stop the bleeding.

    Wall Street’s quest of only backing companies with high market share doesn’t seem to work out well when Apple is involved. But greedy Wall Street keeps insisting it’s only Apple who will suffer with low market share.

    1. Judging from past history, if it wasn’t Scamsung, it would’ve been another company. ANY company will do, as long as it’s not Apple.

      I really wonder what problem Wall St. has with Apple… besides the fact Apple refuses to play by Wall St. rules, that is.

      1. Because Steve Jobs never kissed WS asses. He never bent over for a spanking. He often tells them to Fu*ck O*f. LOL That’s probably why WS will never reward Apple of anything, unless they have to.

  2. “Samsung’s dominance is being chipped away at the low-to-mid end by Chinese rivals such as Huawei Technologies Co Ltd and in the premium segment by Apple”

    Was there ever a time when Samsung was dominant in the premium segment? Apple kicked off the premium smartphone segment and was almost universally criticised for selling iPhones at such high prices. Samsung sold copies of iPhones, but they were always very secretive about the sales numbers of high end smartphones, instead merely offering a vague ‘shipped’ number covering everything that they decided to categorise as a smartphone.

    I can’t recall any credible evidence that Samsung was ever the dominant manufacturer of premium smartphones.

  3. And yet, Apple stock is getting the CRAP kicked out of it – again… because someone thought you’d better buy Lenovo versus the most valuable company ON EARTH !!! Traders and hedge funds are such assKlowns…

    1. Apple is a sure thing. I don’t know many others in the current WallNut Street environment. Apparently, that means playing games with APPL is consistently on the WallNut Street agendas.

      Sometimes I wonder where the stock price would be right now if Apple had ignored all the know-it-alls like Carl Icahn and the know-nothing-analcysts like [too many to name]. I suspect the price of AAPL would be considerably more realistic, as in higher, if Apple had simply ignored them all and done everything THEIR way, as they should have. Apple has always succeeded when it did things the right way, which is typically THEIR way.

      But I’m down a quart on caffeine. So don’t listen to me. 😉

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