Spotify polls remaining subscribers about Apple Music

“Many people would like to know how Apple Music, which launched a month ago, is doing. We’re beginning to see some numbers, but it will take a while before we have a real sense of the streaming music service’s performance,” Peter Kafka reports for Re/code.

“Still, never hurts to ask,” Kafka reports. “That’s what Spotify appears to be doing in a new survey it is sending out to some of its subscribers, including me.”

“Spotify’s survey started out by asking me about my usage of digital media services in general, including streaming video services like Hulu and Netflix (after years of hemming and hawing, Spotify has started poking its toes into the video world). Then it asked me about my consumption of music services,” Kafka reports. “And once I told it I had been spending a lot of time listening to Apple Music in the last month (I have both a personal and professional interest), it had a lot of questions for me.”

• How favorable are you, if at all, towards Apple as a company?
• How have you heard about Apple Music over the past few weeks?
• How likely are youth cancel your Soptify subscription in favor of a subscription to Apple Music?

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MacDailyNews Take: Oh ok. Surely Apple thanks Spotify for advertising Apple Music to their remaining subscribers. Don’t forget to mention that the Android version of Apple Music is coming this fall! (Not that many fragmandroid settlers would actually pay for something, but still.)

Bottom line: Unsurprisingly, Spotify is now publicly soiling its collective pants.

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  1. I am an apple fan, but I find it hard to believe if you are a customer of any streaming music service that you have not already heard of apple music. The 2-3 days during launch it was on every news outlet. So I think the first 3 months is the most critical for apple music because the hype will die down some. I own a pizza restaurant and every time a new restaurant opens in town they are packed out because they are new but after about 30 days they dramatically drop off because the hype is over. I hope and think apple music will do extremely well but if spotify can make it past the 90 days they will survive.

    1. I have no interest in streaming music from either Apple, Pandora, or Spotify. But Christ, Apple Music has made a godawful mess of the Music app on my iPhone. I have nothing but contempt for Apple Music.

      1. i would say yes i hope spotify stays around. I have never used it and hopefully never will. But how much do you think apple music will cost if they were the only streaming music service. NOT $10 A MONTH

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