Buy a MacBook Pro now or wait until Intel’s Skylake?

“Due to changes in my personal situation, I’m thinking of selling my MacBook and 5K iMac with Retina display and living with only one Mac: a 15-inch MacBook Pro with an external display,” Dennis Sellers writes for The Apple Daily Report. ” If I go this route, should I buy one of the new models are wait until Mac laptops with Intel Skylake processors are available?”

“It’s a conundrum. I though the latest refresh of the 15-inch MacBook Pro would replace the Haswell chip with a Broadwell processor. It didn’t,” Sellers writes. “So it seems likely the next rev of the laptop line will skip Broadwell and go straight to Skylake chips, which, according to Intel, ‘will have the biggest PC innovations in the last 10 years.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: As always, it depends upon whether you need it now or if you can wait – perhaps into next year.


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  1. The next model will always be better. I find it easier to upgrade to the very next model that becomes available after the expiration of my Apple Care. This keeps your machine protected and fresh.

    If it happens to fail after expiration but before a new model is introduced, well you’re technically already in the market for a new machine anyway.

    You don’t want to wait much longer than that though, or you end up having very outdated tech (which is also fine, if all you do is read Facebook or watch YouTube).

  2. If you really believe that Skylake will ship this year rather than slipping to mid-2016, you haven’t followed Intel very much. Intel has been terrible lately at keeping their launch dates. Broadwell shipped about a year later than Intel said it would.

    And just because Intel releases Skylake doesn’t mean it will instantly appear in a new Macbook. There has often been a 4-6 month lag between Intel releasing a new processor family and that processor showing up in the Macbook.

    1. Hey, if you NEED to upgrade from an older machine and the next large update isn’t going to be here for 6 months, then go to eBay or Apple’s special deals.

      Preferably get an Apple refurb w/Warranty for a serious discount and then resell the older one when the new ones come out.

  3. The performance of the new MBP will be similar to the 5K iMac. The MBP will obviously be a speed demon compared to the MB.
    As far as performance goes for future macs it is hard to say what Apple will implement.
    So if the guys needs mobility more then going with the new MBP makes sense. I’ve been waiting for this new upgrade but with the lack of a new processor I am thinking of going for the previous model and snagging one with the extra graphics for cheap.
    FWIW my base rMBP (first edition) is still screaming and is nearly 3 years old. Far the best mac I’ve ever had. So these machines have legs and will perform well for multiple OS updates.

  4. Change in “personal situation” requires going from having a very mobile Mac plus a stationary Mac, to having a larger heavier mobile Mac plus a generic stationary external display?

    Sounds like not that much of a “change” in the situation. The solution is to happily use what you have now, and buy later when that newer “Skylake” MacBook Pro is a real product.

  5. This is the same conundrum I am in. I am working off a 2011 MBP which works perfectly fine for what I do 80% of the time…but I couldn’t definitely use a product refresh. The retina display, USB 3.0, thunderbolt 2, force touchpad, an amazingly fast SSD. It will definitely leave my current computer in the dust…but I am concerned the one coming right after will have huge sweeping innovations in it that will double or triple the performance of the one that has just came out. PLUS, its still running only 16GB’s of RAM, and I use motion and cinema 4d on a daily basis….32 GB of ram would be nice.

  6. I’m writing this on the new rMBP.

    Easily the best Mac I’ve owned and used. The storage is so fast you have to pinch yourself once in a while and remind yourself that you are actually editing 4K even though it’s as easy as DV footage.

    If the next rMBP isn’t faster then Apple aren’t doing their job but who knows how long the wait will be. I couldn’t wait another six months and I’m blown away by this thing anyway.

    The force touch track pad is a revelation, it’s so much better than the old trackpad. It just feels right.

  7. I’m planning to purchase my first ever apple computer (rMBP) this year. The PC situation that I’m dealing with is abysmal at best (2010, 4GB RAM, dead battery). Should I wait for the Skylake rMBP or just pull the trigger already? The info out there is kind of all over the place about the Broadwell/Skylake, and when it may be available in the rMBP. What’s the best course of action here? Any help is appreciated!

    1. Buy when you need it. Waiting for the next greatest thing deprives you of years of happy computing with the latest technology. If I needed a new laptop now, I’d buy just after the newest revisions hit the market. Apple won’t refresh again for a year beyond that point.

    2. While Intel is saying they are going to start production runs of Skylake in the 4th calendar quarter of this year, as others have said here, it is very likely that this will slip to the 1st quarter of 2016.

      Further, the reason Apple did not upgrade the rMBP with Broadwell is that the four core Broadwell chips necessary for the 15″ rMBP are not in full production yet — almost a year after they were initially predicted (shortly after Haswell went into full production) to be shipping in production quantities.

      Even if initial Skylake chips start shipping in the 1st calendar quarter of 2016, the situation is likely to run similar to Broadwell with the four core chips that show up in the 15″ rMBP shipping several months after the ultra low power and two core chips. Thus it could be this time next year (or later) before Skylake chips necessary for the 15″ rMBP are shipping in enough quantities for Apple to announce a Skylake based 15″ rMPB.

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