Giving up on Google

“Google has made it clear: The company’s stated goal is to organize all the world’s data,” Rene Ritchie writes for iMore.

“To organize it, Google first has to collect it, and to organize all of it, it has to collect you. All of you,” Ritchie writes. “If that’s a concern, and it’s leading to your having second thoughts about your involvement with Google, then switching to iPhone can be of tremendous benefit to you. With the iPhone, you can use the best of Google services if you want to, but you can also easily live Google-free. And if you’re not yet sure, the iPhone lets you keep all your options open.”

“I consider it a huge advantage that I, as an iPhone owner, can choose whether I want to use Google services or not,” Ritchie writes. “And I can choose on a service-by-service basis.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Despite how Google presents things, how cutsie their mascots or cartoony their intro videos, always remember: There’s no such thing as a free lunch.


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  1. I have been Google-free for some years now. I use duckduckgo for searching (except images where they are hopeless), have never used gmail, and am happy with apple maps.

    I consider Google an unethical corporation and I don’t like to support such organisations. Evil is evil – and there is already enough of that in the world without encouraging more of it.

    1. Apparently, evil is in the eye of the beholder, browsing through the comments following Richie’s article. Somehow, it seems like two belief systems colliding.

      1. Interesting – similar polarity as in the Windows/Mac or iOS/Android camps.

        Personally, I don’t trust because it is in their business interest to collect, mine, and sell information about me. First step – consider the motives involved.

        It may very well be that the younger generation is not as concerned with Google collecting information about them. The younger folks certainly seem willing to share a lot of personal information with each other via text, photos, and video.

        1. You get what you pay for.

          The young generation wants everything for free and think they are entitled…it will come back to bite them, when they realize that discretion is a premium trait amd desirable comodity.

      1. ‘Googled’ once meant to find relevant information through a search of web pages using the Google search engine.

        ‘Googled’ now means to have all personal data mined, as a result of Google web searches or use of Google apps, and be targeted by ads relevant to the personal information gleaned through such searches, and have such information sold to 3rd parties.


  2. Wow, every message on here is in agreement. You never see that on MDN. And I wholeheartedly agree. My prediction (unapologetically served in an ungodly mélange of mixed metaphors):

    A tide is turning. It started with the Summer of Snowden and has led to films and novels and broad public awareness that Nothing Is Private. It won’t be long before that tide crests in a wave of Google antipathy and general rejection of its cynically self-serving services.

    And when a giant corporate entity that has us all by the balls gets backed into a corner, it doesn’t politely demur and mend its ways. Things will get ugly as Google starts in panicky earnest to cash in all of its chits before the window of opportunity is slammed shut.

    1. Think about it… Google makes money from mining and selling your personal data to vey high paying global enterprises.

      Now think of this… EVERY market google goes into, EVERY device is makes, EVERY free product it offers has been created for only one purpose – to farm your data.

      You use an Android phone and google will know every call you’ve made, who to, when and where, you use google docs – they OWN your data in those documents (stated in the terms and conditions), you use their browser that catalogues all your searches, you use google+ that catalogues everything you do and who with online.

      And with the google car they will know everywhere you go and probably record your conversations in the car too!

      I repeat EVERYTHING google does is a trojan horse for mining and selling YOUR personal data.

      Now you tell me what sort of company would do that and to what purpose? Because I will tell you this for nothing – google knows that whoever owns or has all the data can run the world.

      And THAT is a terrifying future.

    2. Careful, now, don’t go injecting reason into this paranoia cleanse. I have more trust (still not much) in large corporations to handle my personal data than I trust big government. A for-profit business can suffer great damage to reputation and monetary liability from scandals and lawsuits. BIg government just doesn’t care. It doesn’t worry about profits or any responsibility to shareholders, and it knows that suing the government is rarely effective.

  3. Wont stop me using Google, its all over my iphone 6 Plus. Best thing thus cripsta eva did was jailbreak and remove all the apple bloat and full it with pure Google. Mapz, Chrome, Youtube and now Google photoz. F**k Tim cook your appz r shit

    1. Yes, everything free and yours for the taking. There are no morals in your world. Everyone else should do the right thing so that you can live off them like a leach.

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