With primetime TV ad campaign, Apple hopes to hook customers for new Watch

“As Apple Inc. debuts its smartwatch on Friday, the technology company focused efforts to drum up buzz on U.S. television, using expensive primetime spots to entice customers to the fledgling wearable technology market,” Piya Sinha-Roy and Noel Randewich report for Reuters.

“Since showing off the watch at a March 9 event, Apple has spent $38 million on its ‘Watch Reimagined’ television campaign, according to figures from iSpot.tv, which tracks U.S. TV ads and digital responses in real time,” Sinha-Roy and Randewich report. “Out of 300-plus airings of the Apple Watch commercial since March, almost half have been in primetime spots tied to shows such as AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead,’ the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) basketball tournament and NBC’s talent competition ‘The Voice.'”

“Apple is out-spending other smartwatch makers like Samsung Electronics and has a history of getting a big return from its TV advertising spending,” Sinha-Roy and Randewich report. “‘Apple occupies 13 percent of spending in the smartphone category, while generating 40 percent of the buzz garnered from TV ads,’ said Sean Muller, CEO of iSpot.tv.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung doesn’t make smartwatches, they only make stupid watches.

There’s only one smartwatch maker in the world:


  1. > Samsung doesn’t make smartwatches, they only make stupid watches.

    So, there are three categories of watches now…

    “Dumb” watch -> Traditional
    “Smart” watch -> From Apple
    “Stupid” watch -> From Samsung (and everyone else)

  2. to put things in perspective:

    Msft spent $400 million just for the Surface NFL tie in.
    they also spent 500 million for the Zune launch.
    Verizon spent $100 million on their first Moto Droid phone launch in 09.

    38 million for TV ads for Apple Watch is small peanuts in comparison but Apple garners big bang for its bucks.

    Contrary to haters saying Apple sells only due to massive marketing in actuality Apple’ spends relatively little (less than 10% of Samsung’s ad spend).

    1. To put that $38M in even more perspective, Apple lost $3.74B in mere currency fluctuations last quarter. That’s 100 x $38M in just 90 days.

      It’s also significantly more than the entire Beats acquisition price. People fret about that, but it’s not nearly as big as simple currency market fluctuation, and again, it has value, unlike the currency evaporation.

  3. Apple selling a watch that works with all of their current models and a discontinued one is a big reason for their success. People with four year old phones can now make it a lot more useful. Customers now have of choice of buying Apple’s cheapest phone and watch for about the same as their top phone. That is a great new option. Samsung’s smart watch would only work with the latest phone and phablet when it came out. They did not even think about a customer base. They just wanted to be first to the market so they could claim Apple copied them. They could have cared less about actually selling them.

    I am amazed how I have not seen this in any article about smart watches.

    Got mine, but not for 4 to 6 weeks. This was 15 minutes after it went on sale. Apple is doomed. /s

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