Wired reviews Apple’s new MacBook: ‘The future of laptops; I want one very badly’

“I don’t know just who Apple’s newest laptop is for. Rich people who fly coach? People with one laptop who want a second, gold one? Maybe,” David Pierce writes for Wired. “But I do know two things about the new MacBook: This is what the future of laptops looks like, and I want one very badly.”

“In almost every case, the Internet has replaced our computers as the center of our digital experience; our laptops are just terminals of access, particularly suited to a certain set of tasks,” Pierce writes. “More than any laptop I’ve ever used, the MacBook embraces that: It does a few things as well as it can, and leaves the rest to the Internet. It’s running out a little bit ahead of consumers, but it’s blazing the right path.”

“I’ve been carrying it to and from work, and it’s an absolutely perfect travel computer,” Pierce writes. “It’s a vision of our next computer, the one we’ll buy when our Airs or ThinkPads can’t keep up anymore. The MacBook is a work in progress: The processor and the battery will improve, and the price will drop. It won’t take long. The future’s getting here faster than you think.”

Much more in the full review here.

MacDailyNews Take: We cannot wait to dump our 11-inch MacBook Airs – our most favorite Macs ever – for these new MacBooks.


  1. The new MacBook is “convergence” of iPad and Mac, done the right way. The underlying technologies are distinctly iPad-like, while the user experience is still distinctly all Mac.

    1. ken is posting a logical good natured post and he gets a bunch of one stars.

      like I said before MDN is getting infested with Trolls.
      Here trolls take this : My macs are best computers I’ve used and beats every PC I’ve handled in ease of use with thoughtful design , low maintenance and great re sale value (if I wanted to trade up) . And they are getting better.

      1. I’m still using a late 2008 15″ MBP, with OS X 10.10.3. It’s my back-up to my late 2012 13″ MBPr, also with OS X 10.10.3. Never had a ‘Dozer that could still use the latest M$ OS and run well that long. No antivirus ware to run daily. Infrequent reboots with Mac, compared to multiple daily reboots with ‘Dozer. They should give a free bottle of aspirin and antiacids with every ‘Dozer. 😀🖖

      2. Re-sale?

        All my old Macs get used as backups or off to a relative or a server. Why get rid of something that generally works for a decade.

        I have 5 year old Macs that look and run like new.

    2. That’s where it’s at. Instead of comparing this to other Macs, you should compare the Macbook to an iPad + keyboard case combo. The hardware, weight, battery life are similar, but where the Macbook excels is this: everything is designed to work together, including Apps and OS designed to work without a touch screen like a normal laptop. That’s no small feature – it removes so many small annoyances, and just makes everything work the way they should! And for the nerds, the Macbook beats the iPad + keyboard case by packing a full Unix OS without needing to jailbreak it, and can visualize any x86 operating system – pretty nifty!

    3. That was the topic of discussion on CNBC today. The host was holding the new Macbook with between his thumb and a couple fingers as he described it – demonstrating how crazy light and beautiful the laptop is.

      They were mulling whether iPad sales might take a hit as a result of the new MacBook. But the other guy noted that the MacBook has a higher ASP so, Apple would still stand to win.

  2. Apple stumbled a little with this device – not so much in the execution, but in the unveiling and marketing of it. It’s either an experimental device (testing the waters, as it were, and trying to predict the future of laptops and saying “we got ours out there first”), or it’s simply a new spot in the product lineup. But Apple should have made that clear – nothing’s going away, no models are being removed or replaced. It is confusing that they called it MacBook with no other designation, because it muddies the lineup that way – lighter than the Air, but with a better display. Basically a large netbook with a stunning display. It isn’t an iPad, can’t play iPad games or run iPad native apps. And it is too underpowered and port-limited to replace any existing MacBook. They should have called it the MacBook Mini, Helium, or Wisp, or some such, just to help position it correctly. Then the criticisms leveled against it would be irrelevant. The whole non-Apple world is acting like this is supposed to be the latest, greatest Apple laptop, and are finding it wanting, because Apple didn’t sell it right.

    1. You have completely missed the point of the MacBook. Ports are a thing of the past. The only ports I use on any of our MBPs is power and USB (and that mostly for charging an iPhone). So Apple is removing the weight and bulk of ports not used by the vast majority of its customers to give them a powerful, retina-display super light Mac to carry around.

  3. If the port-less MacBook is the future of laptops, it will also be the end of laptops. The new MacBook is a beautiful niche product that will serve a certain kind of user very well; but the suggestion that laptops in general don’t need functional ports is absolutely ridiculous.

    1. Your post is ignorant. With the USB-C port, you can use and adapter to have virtually any port you need. The difference with the MacBook is you don’t have to carry ports around with you all the time when you virtually never use them.

  4. I would have been impressed if Cook had pulled the screen off the keyboard, saying where did it go, the screen becoming a useable iPad, something it knows to do when disconnected. Or, better yet, envisioned by many with the intro of the original iPad, the keyboard section of the laptop a touch screen that is a combination of OSX and iOS. Maybe not as light or thin, but close.

    I think that’s where Applw is headed, the new keyboaerd and force pad a way to help transition to a flat glass surface.

    Almost there, but I don’t think they want to risk losing the iPad to such a device…..

  5. <>

    What a load of hogwash. If all you need is a netbook, then why pay the Apple premium? Practically no website offers Retina graphics, so that isn’t even a great upsell. Might as well save your money and lug around that horribly heavy Macbook air.

    1. Disgusting remark, but the point he makes gives me an idea.
      With many web designers using Macs, would it be unthinkable that we only serve retina graphics to web browsers that run on Macs and other iDevs? (and serve 72dpi bit map fonts to Windows browsers?)

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