Apple Pay adoption ‘amazing’ says point-of-sale company chief

“‘We’re seeing mass adoption because the Apple brand is well-known and trusted. Consumers are open to using their phones for more than they could have imagined because of Apple,” Revel Systems co-founder and CTO Christopher Ciabarra told Computerworld’s Appleholic blog,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld.

“Apple’s move to offer mobile payments with Apple Pay has blasted energy into the space,” Evans reports. “Founded in 2010, Revel Systems develops an award-winning iPad point-of-sale (POS) solution for single and multi-location businesses such as restaurants, retailers and grocery stores.”

“Ciabarra’s expectations for Apple Watch as a payment device are also high,” Evans reports. “‘The Apple Watch is coming at a great time,’ he said. Familiarity with Apple pay combined with the Watch means shoppers will enjoy ‘an incredibly convenient purchasing process, in which they won’t have to dig through their pockets or purses to find a wallet or smartphone,’ he points out.”

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  1. Last year I began to see these Revel systems at small businesses in my neck of the woods. At first I was surprised to see the “cash register” as an iPad mounted on a pedestal that the cashier used. She would swipe my credit card through the little gizmo attached to the iPad and then she would twirl the iPad around so I could sign with my finger.

    All very slick and impressive. The businesses I visited all said they loved the new system.

    Apple strikes again.

  2. Need to be careful here using words like “Amazing” to describe Pay, when all the Hedge Funds and Analysts are trying to put out FUD about the Watch & how it will be a flop

    The only Flop will be these same ‘masters of manipulation’, once the Watch & Pay take on all comers!

    Tomorrow is the first true day of Wearable Computing, with a super computer strapped to your wrist!!

      1. …that’s the nature of Super computers, they support each other, the iPhone as the mobile work horse and the Apple Watch as the personal wearable assistant!!

  3. Square is growing. I see all sorts using them with iPads and iPhones. I don’t have square, but I do have little used, PayPal. Even Intuit has their card reader.

    For a POS, the iPad has an amazing cost of adoption. When you have options for NCR and IBM the costs skyrocket.

    Not very many people talk about the shift at the POS. Apple has some stealthy hits.

  4. What I would like to see, is other Apple devices able to accept Apple Pay. I mean hold two iPhones together to transfer funds. This would be brilliant without need of the little dongle hanging off the audio jack.

    1. You need a merchant account to do that. Apple’s not in the banking business, it’s a facilitator of merchant transactions.

      It could, of course, set up some other business (such as PayPal), but that’s a different problem.

  5. Its really amazing how fast square has revolutionized small businesses. I like going to small events like flea markets, garage sales, and gun shows and now almost everyone takes credit cards via square. I used to carry huge wads of cash to these places buy now I just expect that they’ll take plastic.

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