Open thread: Did you get your Apple Watch preorder placed?

Apple Watch preorders began at 12:01am PDT on April 10th.

We got our orders in (Apple Watch Sport models in 42mm Silver) by 12:03am (shipping date “Delivers 4/24-5/8”) using the Apple Store app on iPad (favorited). Our preferred Apple Watch combination wasn’t among the preorder configs (42mm Sport with Silver Case with 42mm Black Sport Band), so Apple got us for an extra $49 per Watch (we ordered our stock launch combination with the White Sport Bands, which will never get used).

We are already getting reports that some Apple Watch models (42mm Apple Watch Sport Space Gray with 42mm Black Sport Band, for one – an Apple preorder config.) have sold out, with shipping slipping into 4-6 weeks territory (late May) a mere ten minutes after pre-orders began.

So, did you get your Apple Watch preorder(s) placed?


        1. Sad but true, but then I was also ordering something else – the new MacBook with it. Sadly my Watch ship date is sometime in June (gold 1.2Ghz 512Gb MacBook in another 3-4 weeks) but we all know Apple can also give later dates than actually occur, so then they can look like heroes!

          But I don’t mind. I just wanted to be in on the first wave and I managed that. We are all tech-lusting geeks, but I don’t need the instant gratification as much as some. Yet anyway…

    1. The longest wait time (“Available to ship” date) that I could find, at the time of this post, was “July.” Interestingly, they were for the most expensive steel watch model (the black one with black link bracelet) and some for the gold Edition models. That probably means the expensive models are selling better than Apple expected.

      (The most readily available seem to be the steel models with less expensive bands.)

    2. look at the desperate trolls giving one stars to people who just said they bought a watch.

      Apple Hating trolls are getting really frustrated.

      Hey Trolls: in 5 minutes apple probably sold more ‘wearables’ than google did with their ‘glass’ for years. In couple of days if not sooner more watches than all the Android Wear. Gold Edition sold out in China…

    3. i’m not much of a watch person so not all that interested.

      I figured when i’m able to look at them in a store and buy it there if i want, i’ll check it out.

      not comfortable buying something online I might not even want.

      1. Apple Watch is only available for purchase exclusively online. You will not be able to purchase one in a store at all. At least not until Apple changes their publicly displayed policy that’s printed all over their website.

    4. OK a bit more info,

      I ordered 42mm Sport with White band at 08:02 in the U.K this morning. 24/4 – 8/5 delivery window 🙂 went to 4-6 week delivery @ 1 minute after I got my confirmation email.

      Was gonna go Space Grey Sport but it switched to 4-6 week delivery within @ 20 seconds of being viewed 🙁 so went with the above second choice.

  1. yup…IOS apple store got through at 12:09 for us. Black sport 38 & 42…4-6 weeks delivery (May13-27). By the way, I had to hunt around to find bands but they were there. Black adjustable leather band was $150- yipes! I think I’ll wait to try them on first!

    1. Bought two, a AppleWatch 42mm Space Black with Space Black Stainless Steel band for me, and my girlfriend a 38mm Space Gray Aluminum case with Black Sports band as a surprise gift. Mine is backordered until June (RATS), hers 4 to 6 weeks.

    1. That was the same delivery timeframe for me – same watch. I ordered at 3:03 AM EST. I was hoping for an earlier delivery date. As in the past, maybe Apple will be able to move up delivery dates when they get everything rolling.

    2. I was given the same delivery envelope as well: 4-6 weeks (May 13-27), for the same Space Grey Sport 42mm model. 🙁 That version seemed to go backordered the quickest!
      Also ordered at 3:03 AM EST through the iPhone Apple Store App, since I couldn’t seem to get through on the Apple Store online.

      1. Same watch & delivery, but I didn’t order until 5:20a.m. PDT. First time I did not put an order in for a new Apple item at midnight. Looks like the first few minutes drove this one into sellout. Way to go AAPL!

  2. I got mine for 4/24 – 5/8. Just like with the iPhone 6 launch the iOS Apple Store went through way before I had any luck with the Apple Store through my Mac’s browser.

  3. Ordered Apple watch stainless with link band 42mm at 3:07am est and it doesn’t ship till may13-24. All models had 4-6 week shipping listed. Did anyone get theirs for April 27???

    1. The people that order Friday morning will probably have shipping dates of July and later. Apple will probably have pre-orders in excess of the total of SmartWatches sold to date. 😊😳🖖

  4. Holy s***, some of the apple watches already showing ship dates of august! This is all in less then 20 minutes!!?!? in 9 minute the watch i wanted (sport black on black 42mm) went from shipping on release date to may in 8 minutes.

    Basically every 42mm watch is now sold out for launch date.

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