Apple Watch already sold out

“Apple early on Friday started taking preorders for all of its three Apple Watch models in a variety of markets, just as previously announced,” Chris Smith reports for BGR.

“But in what felt like a few short minutes, the company sold out all available launch stock, regardless of available model, and early buyers soon found themselves having to accept shipping dates of four to six weeks rather than April 24th,” Smith reports. “The Watch will ship to those lucky customers who managed to get their order in fast enough on April 24th, but many others will get their chosen models in May, June or even later. In fact, the gold Apple Watch Edition is also sold out, and may ship only in July to the buyers that were not fast enough to snag one earlier.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Let the “Apple Watch already sold out” news ring forth!

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    1. Damn your eyes! (Just kidding!)

      Congratulations- it’s going to take a bit longer for me. But, thanks to my soon to be daughter in law, an Apple employee, I get a 50% discount! – Welcome to the family, daughter!


        1. Or neither. In the past, an employee could get a discount on one, or sometimes a limited number of, an Apple product to do with whatever they wanted.

          Giving something to a family member fell under the umbrella of “whatever”.

          Projection is such a sad behavior.

        2. It is neither. Apple employees are allowed to buy for family & friends with their discounts. My son did it for us when he worked for Apple.
          I would suggest, especially in non-anonymous situations, that you get your facts straight before calling names.

          1. 1. Employee discounts are not in effect for months on new releases. Typically 3 months after initial demand is met.
            2. Employees do not get anything at 50% off – EVER!
            3. The F&F rate is 15% and has not changed in decades.

            So either you are being lied to or are full of crap!

            1. Perhaps you missed the announcement from Tim Cook that Apple employees will get 50% discount on the watch right now. Look it up and shut up !

            2. Actually, you’re wrong. I have an actual receipt from an Apple Store that was sent to me by mistake, and it indicates “EPP for Apple Employees” – An item that cost $170, and they got it for $102 – you can do the math… that’s a 40% discount.

      1. Apple does offer 15% discounts for friends and family, 25% once a year to employees for their personal use.

        However, in Apple’s memo to its employees for the Apple Watch rollout, the 50% discount on the Apple Watch is specifically for the employee’s personal use. If Apple determines an Apple Watch purchased at the 50% discount is registered to a non-employee, the purchasing employee will be subject to possible termination.

  1. I got up 20 minutes early.

    The store opened about 5 minutes late.

    I was fast, but the store had the wrong billing address and I had to update it. My fault, learned my lesson.

    Now I am not getting my watch for 4-6 weeks. I hope they ship it earlier than that.

  2. Of course!

    Now the FUD and spin will turn this bonanza into a disaster till the world sees first hand what the truth is.

    Buy the stock if idiot heed the FUD and sell.

    1. Oh what a terrible Flop!!!

      Hahaha you trolls can try to hide the boom all you want with down ratig 1 stars – Apple strikes agin and the world will change once again dueto Apple innovation.😆😆😆😆😆

  3. why can’t the biggest company in the world be better prepared for a product launch. they sold out so fast not because they sold so many, but because they just didn’t make many. so does this mean NO stock in Apple Stores until June or July? no I’m not a hater, I pre ordered I just think this is the poorest Apple product launch ever!!!

    1. When making a reservation to try one on in the Apple Store, the FAQ on the appointment confirmation page states the Apple Watch is available for purchase exclusively online, and that a store representative can assist you with making an online order. So for the foreseeable future it sounds like the watch will not be sold it stores at all.

      1. Maybe Apple is adopting the Tesla model for Watch sales. There is never any sales stock, every device is built after the order is placed. After this initial rush, delivery times should approach that of an iPad with custom engraving, which is almost immediate.

  4. I’m very curious to know how many preorders there were by the time it sold out. If they ended up selling anything north of 3 million units, a lot of people here will end up wiping excessive amounts of egg off if their faces.

    Even if Apple sells a million watches this weekend, that’s more than every other smart watch maker sold this year COMBINED.

  5. AppleWatch sold out and Apple stock sold off. Typical.

    There is no good news for Apple. As I said before, if demand exceeds supply or supply exceeds demand it will be a negative for Apple. Either way the stock will drop. I’m not complaining, but simply stating how I see it. If you believe in Apple, then buy on the share price drop. I do believe in Apple. If Wall Street doesn’t like it then that’s too bad for those greedy investors who’ll miss out on Apple’s gains. They’ll all be heading for the Netflix roller coaster.

    1. You must remember that performance of the company has only a little to do with stock price. The sell-out would actually be expected to have a very minimal effect on stock price. I know it seems counter-intuitive, but that’s the reality. Stock price is determined by demand for shares, and since there are 5.825 BILLION shares outstanding, much larger changes in market forces are needed to effect the stock price.

  6. This didn’t sell as well as expected. They are somewhat limited to create a hype. Apple will get the memo that ppl are not willing to over pay. If you notice the sport has expected wait times to June.

  7. Wow that is the fastest sell out I’ve seen. The Apple Store site was down for me until till about 12.15AM here in CA. I ended up order via the iPhone. Still haven’t got a confirmation but checking back on the Apple Store confirms the order was placed by delivery in May.

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