Apple Watch draws strong turnout at Apple Retail Stores

“Consumers flocked to Apple Inc’s stores around the world on Friday to get the first close-up look at the tech giant’s smartwatch, which the company expects will be its next runaway hit,” Astrid Wendlandt and Pauline Askin report for Reuters.

“Before the Paris Apple store opened at 0900 local time, about 100 people were queuing outside. Staff cheered and applauded the first customers, most of them men aged under 30,” Wendlandt and Askin report. “Within the first hour in Paris, many customers had pre-ordered their watch, and several went for the entry-level model with a black plastic [sic: custom high-performance fluoroelastomer] bracelet. High demand means some shoppers in Paris will have to wait 4-6 weeks before their watch arrives.”

“Based on recent customer interest at its stores, Apple expects demand for the watch, which allows users to check email, listen to music and make phone calls when paired with an iPhone, to exceed availability at launch,” Wendlandt and Askin report. “Apple’s watch is widely expected to outsell those by Samsung, Sony Corp and Fitbit.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As opposed to Bloomberg which is actually disingenuously attempting to claim “Muted Debut for Apple Watch With Sparse Crowds” while reporting in the article that Apple is following a “plan to end the long lines outside Apple stores.”

Bloomberg is practicing yellow journalism by way of misleading headline.

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      1. “It’s Parody”.. and you are sure of this… why?

        Zune tang did a pretty good job of being funny about his satire. But most of us need to add the /s just so everyone knows.

        I enjoy satire too, but so many idiots are out there today, and sometimes its hard to tell the difference. 🙂

    1. Apparently, you don’t understand anything about Wall Street or the anti-Apple news media. If Apple told consumers to stay away from the stores, the news media would assume no one showed up because of no interest in the product. Anything Apple does will be immediately spun into bad news.

      1. Not sure what my understanding of the media has to do with its rationality. They’ll all report whatever they’re gonna report, based on whatever. Doesn’t make generation of large crowds by a product that isn’t being sold a logical expectation.

        1. These days the media reports opinion, not news. Been the trend for a while now. Like this guy in SC, as bad as it was, media has him convicted of fist degree murder. My city police have killed a number with less justification and walked.

          1. More concerned with the planting of evidence and what that implies about other situations. How long before these stupid cops figure that they should assume there is a camera on them no matter what is going on?

          2. I could be wrong but a cop would have to literally strip down someone search him, frisk him then do a full body cavity search up the ass that would result in death before he/she could be accused of fist degree murder.

            Right now it’s just metaphorically but hey, I’m sure there are lots videos of it where ever the NSA stashes their stuff.

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