Samsung’s solution to Apple+IBM enterprise partnership: Go it alone

“Instead of partnering with a big services company to help business users, Samsung has decided to go it alone,” Shara Tibken reports for CNET. “”

“The South Korean electronics giant on Tuesday unveiled its first entrée into services, called Samsung 360 Services for Business,” Tibken reports. “The operations will allow it to support enterprise customers using everything from smartphones to printers — and the devices don’t even have to be made by Samsung. It will be a one-stop-shop for enterprise customers who need tech help as more of their employees bring their own devices to work and as the company supports more technology vendors.”

“With its move, Samsung is taking on some of the biggest companies in tech, namely Apple and IBM. The two giants in July unveiled plans to work together to push Apple’s products with business users,” Tibken reports. “IBM operates a sizable consulting and services business, and it also will optimize its cloud computing services, such as device management, security and analytics, for Apples iOS mobile operating system.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If your company chooses Samsung over Apple+IBM and it isn’t named “Samsung,” you obviously already have even bigger problems to deal with than the promise of inferior, insecure hardware and software.

And Samsung, as seems to be typical for the serial IP thieves, are deluding themselves that they’re something far more than they actually are.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “boecherer” for the heads up.]

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  1. Samsung may sneak into a lot of companies by undercutting the Apple+IBM alliance. Money is, after all, a bottom line and many simply don’t understand that they get what the pay for. Those without the means to pay for quality wind up with inferior products (which, in some cases, may be “good enough”). So Samsung might find some success in this (especially in South Korea)…

      1. ALL US troops, personnel, military-logistics-infrastructure, support, and money OUT OF SOUTH KOREA — NOW !!!

        We have better things to do with American money and military than prop up thieving scumbags.

        Tell your congressman !

    1. Like MDN says:
      ” If your company chooses Samsung over Apple+IBM and it isn’t named “Samsung,” you obviously already have even bigger problems to deal with than the promise of inferior, insecure hardware and software.”

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