Apple: Morphing into a beautiful masterpiece

“Last night’s agreement between Apple and IBM to work together in order to develop a business/enterprise suite of apps goes to show us what I already had guessed: Apple now has perspective that it would have never embraced in the late 80s and early 90s,” Quoth the Raven writes for Seeking Alpha.

“Between that point and now, of course – Apple has grown to become the world’s largest company,” The Raven writes. “As such, the business model must adapt a little bit – the company is much larger, and 25 years have gone by. You can’t have a 1990 outlook on the technology market and expect to be successful running Apple in 2014.”

“This is one of the beautiful things about the transition from Mr. Jobs to Mr. Cook. No doubt, Mr. Jobs was a visionary – and he was exactly what Apple needed for the time that he was with the company – during both his first and his second stints at Apple. But now, Mr. Cook is the steady hand that Apple needs at the helm,” The Raven writes. “It’s more now about protecting what you’ve already earned and less about taking on the world as it was in the 90s. Apple has already taken on the world – and they’ve won. Now, they need a CEO who can rein with a calculated, steady, peaceful hand. With that, shareholders will no doubt be massive winners in Apple for many years to come.”

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  1. Read the whole article. Guy thinks BB is still the greatest for enterprise no matter Apple polishes it’s OS. I stopped reading there. BB is dead no matter he wishes it wasn’t

    1. Haha. Yes. What city does that guy live in where everyone is carrying around a Blackberry? Absurd. Blackberry is now the symbol of one stuck in the past, and of zero forward thinking. Nobody has them.

  2. I do not agree with this assessment. The quote: “It’s more now about protecting what you’ve already earned and less about taking on the world”
    That is so against what Apple was and what it should strive for. Apple was all about taking on the world and changing the way people use technology. The iPod was cannibalized by the iPhone. It is about change and taking on the world. The notion that Apple will have to simply “protect its turf’ will lead to its demise like Palm, Nokia, BlackBerry, Microsoft, etc.

    Apple will always miss the vision of Steve Jobs

    And we will too

    1. He’s right about Tim Cook being right for the job, and Apple needing to act differently today than at an earlier point.

      But something tells me Cook understands that it’s in Apple’s DNA to disrupt. And he certainly knows tech leaders who avoid disruption (see IBM, MS, Wang, Friendster, etc., etc.) don’t stay leaders for long.

      1. 100% right in that regard the anti Cook idiots on here just can not see that Apple has to change and these sorts of moves amongst others to broaden horizons though not so exciting are far more important for the continued success of the business. It may not be our preference buts its inevitable. Within that broadening new devices will still be introduced and enhanced but they won’t be the be all and end all they were nor should they be.

  3. I’d definitely say this deal is more help than hindrance to Apple as a company. It sure doesn’t hurt to get help selling products from a company known to have strong ties with the enterprise. That’s considered IBM giving a firm nod of credibility to Apple hardware. This deal may be of more help to IBM than it is to Apple but both are definitely gaining. As far as I can tell, there is no negative aspect for Apple.

  4. No way it is about protecting what u have… And all that bs.
    That is complacency and Thats the road to demise.

    As far from apple DNA as can be.. Under Jobs or Cook.

  5. Much as I enjoy being manic and the accompanying EuPHoRiA, this article is highly BIZARRO.

    Favorite BIZARRO points:

    Apple, IBM, and BlackBerry…. I’m bullish on all three names. Blackberry?!

    …why you see tons of people wandering around every major city in the U.S. with their personal iPhone in their pocket – right next to their work BlackBerry (NASDAQ:BBRY). Hallucination?

    And I don’t think BlackBerry will ever be officially dethroned for this purpose, to be honest. Hallucination.

    but BlackBerry is operating on a different level. And that level is near-bankruptcy.

    It’s an entirely different entity from the days where Bill Gates had to take a 7% stake in the company to keep it alive. Further hallucination. Actual facts:

    It suggested that Mr. Cook’s open-mindedness and perspective on the technology sector was easily going to glide Apple to $120. Oh, so this article is just more STOCK MANIPULATION. Rah, Rah, Sis Boom Bah. Not that I mind Apple Bull Boosters for a change.

    It’s more now about protecting what you’ve already earned and less about taking on the world, as it was in the 90s. Utter hallucination. I cannot comprehend any of his comparisons with ‘the 90s’. Perhaps he has having flashbacks from when he was an Acid Freak in ‘the ’90s’.

    You can’t have a 1990 outlook on the technology market and expect to be successful running Apple in 2014. What IS he going on about?!

    A few of sane relevant points from me:

    1) This isn’t the first time Apple and IBM have worked together. PowerPC CPUs. DUH.

    2) “Super-secure business uses” is an entirely NEW concept in business. Need I point out business’s ad nauseam demand to use super-INsecure Windows for decades? Both Mac OS, OS X and iOS have been orders of magnitude (as in 1000s of times) MORE secure than Windows. Hello!

    3) So WTF are Andrhoid POS phones doing in business? Explain that please. You think only Blackberrys have been THE phone in the Enterprise? Hell no! There are STILL companies shoving Andrhoid phones into their victim employees hands.

    ∑ = Really STRANGE and WRONG article. Check on your meds with your psychiatrist please ‘Quoth the Raven’ who writes for Seeking Alpha. A little more on the mania medication and a little less on the hallucinogens is called for, I believe.

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