Apple CEO Tim Cook’s memo to employees: IBM deal builds on Apple’s incredible momentum in the enterprise

Via 9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman, Apple’s CEO Tim Cook’s memo to Apple Inc. employees regarding the newly-announced Apple + IBM enterprise partnership, verbatim:


Today, we announced a groundbreaking new partnership with IBM that will enable enterprises to put the power of big data analytics at their employees‘ fingertips on their iOS device. This exclusive global partnership brings together Apple‘s legendary ease-of-use and integrated hardware and software with IBM’s unmatched industry depth, enterprise software and expertise in big data analytics.

It also builds on the incredible momentum in Apple’s enterprise business. iPhone and iPad can be found in 98% of the Fortune 500. People love to use iOS devices and Apple delivers the things companies need most—security and scalable deployment along with a powerful platform for apps. With this announcement, we’re now putting IBM‘s renowned big data analytics at iOS users‘ fingertips, which opens up a large market opportunity for Apple. This is a radical step for enterprise and something only Apple and IBM can deliver.

IBM is known for helping customers leverage big data and analytics to make their businesses run better. With over 100,000 consultants and sales professionals, they also have massive scale and global reach. IBM‘s sales and consulting teams will also be selling iPad, iPhone and AppleCare for Enterprise as part of the partnership.

This partnership brings together the best of both companies. It’s great news for Apple, IBM and for enterprise customers worldwide and I’m really excited to see it take off.


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  1. Might be wise to hold off firing Tim Cook just yet. On the face of it, the man appears to know what he is doing better than our crack team of resident management experts have allowed.

    1. Ya think? Gosh with several headlines on IBM I wonder if Jay Morrison is still debating which one to post something on fire Tim Cook, although he does seem to have diversified his posts recently, gosh I hope so.

      Apple on the Enterprise.


    2. Well spotted, though those idiots could barely form a worthwhile sentence when criticising Cook. What they couldn’t see through their one eyed vision was that the time for big new gadget announcements for Apple is going to be less important in the future than all the work of expanding the breadth of the company which, though far less whizzy, is going to be far more important to this maturing company as time passes. Not only in new business however but broadening the appeal of existing and any new devices it produces. Only by doing that can it be a dimension ahead of the opposition as a usable flexible, wide-ranging and ultra capable platform (whichever platform is involved). Patents have been relatively ineffective and far too many people are perfectly happy with knocked off cheap and cheerful versions of the real thing especially when they sport numerous if barely useful so called innovations that fool the gullible and can plug into areas where Google has an advantage online.

      However we now see a range of interrelated platforms and support being created by Apple and associates that use Apple’s strengths as a base to venture into areas that the opposition will find it almost impossible to compete with, or remotely as effectively. Google is big in mobile but the cost of it doing so has been neglected security and true flexibility while Microsoft who amusingly touted its Enterprise and security standards has no real impact in the mobile sector. Its going to be walled off in its dying desktop sector while Google is finding itself walled off from the Enterprise sector, amongst others, that Apple has a big impact in, including the desktop. As others have alluded to if apple can get search sorted that is going to be like a stiletto to the kidneys to Google. They should be scared very scared if they can’t make their driverless cars and robots work methinks.

      I guess Google and Microsoft could always combine but somehow I don’t see that ever happening, unless it were too late for both. Meanwhile IBM gets its revenge on Microsoft while getting itself into a great new growth area ironically replacing the one it originated and once dominated. A great day for both.

    1. It’s been 30 years in the trenches since 1984. Big Blue has been conquered and converted. Oh, I love the sweet smell of victory and so do my Apple shares.

    1. “Siri, where does Microsoft fit in all this Apple/IBM Enterprise collaboration announcement?”

      Siri: “I have found 18 cemetaries. Six are fairly close to Redmond.”

      All kidding aside, good job Tim. Nice going Apple!

  2. ‘IBM will also begin to sell iPhones and iPads to its corporate customers and will devote more than 100,000 people, including consultants and software developers, to the effort’

    I would like to see 1000 devices on average sold for each of those 100,000 people over the next twelve months = 100 million. Do it!

  3. 3100 divided by 228 = about 13.6. And those 228 words say a LOT more.

    This alone would be enough of a reason for me to prefer working at Apple than at Microscum.

  4. Yeah, that memo seems a wee bit more compelling than the one from MS–an actual universe of products and partnerships using an already existing set of products and infrastructure instead of a bunch of corporate flying unicorns.

  5. This is a huge deal for Apple. It fills a void they have had forever – the lack of a sales force serving large business clients. This solves the issue without Apple having to build out a big sales force. IBM is already positioned in all the big companies. This will be a final nail in Microsoft’s coffin. And the PC box assemblers.

    1. It is now OK to call MicroFaust beleaguered. Because their change of leadership failed to result in a change of direction. Still headed toward the cliff.

  6. Looks like IBM is having the last laugh maybe even mocking after almost 3 decades of Steve Jobs showing a finger in front of the IBM company HQ. Its a shocking development..

    1. Well between them Apple and Microsoft destroyed the old IBM but I suspect that a chance to get revenge on MS will from a corporate viewpoint be much more satisfying than any Apple animosity. After all IBM effectively won the battle against Apple in the old world order but lost the war to Microsoft by taking its eye off the ball. This however shows it has both eyes very much back on the ball and a way back to rectifying the great back stabbing events it suffered from MS by reclaiming the ground it lost but only where it wants to be and where it wants to be is now increasingly where MS wants and needs to be i.e. services and the cloud. Seems this time around it is making wiser choices with who and how it aligns itself.

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